Thursday, September 21, 2017

The Butterflies of The Seasons.

Hello everyone I have another photography blog post and It's going to be a short one this time as I don't have much to show as of now. So lets start with the blog today and I also hope you all are doing wonderful.
Firstly I want to also state that the photographs are all nature photographs in this blog post and It will be a short one this time around. Well the first photograph in the post is this butterfly species called the Tawny Emperor (Asterocampa Clyton). The species is most common in the southeastern region of North America, as far from Texas up towards New England. They also preferably live in open woods, dry woods and any densely wooded areas and since we do live in a heavily wooded neighborhood it probably loves living around here.
The next photograph I have here is one from a while back before I had cut down our Canna lilies because of that bug infestation. (you can find more about that in the last post.) Anyway this butterfly species is a possible type of Sulphur butterfly, however I'm sadly at a lost with this one as there are so many different variation of these butterfly with such similar patterns. 
If you want to help with the research for the right name with me, I have found a perfect site for the that kind of research. It's a website called, Butterflies and Moths. the site is a great way for finding different species of moths and butterfly's in the North American region and for now I'll will be using it for my research on each species I ever find.
Lastly in this photography post today I have some photographs of these acorns that were in our yard. When I do mean "were in our yard" it's because I had to remove them for our own dogs sake, since their not really good for them to consume any acorns. But it's the only start of them falling down so there will be a lot more to come for me to move somewhere else away from the dogs place too be.
However with that, I did get my camera out the day before I had cleaned them up and It's was about in the evening when the sun was just going down for the day. So there was a golden gleam of sunlight on top of the acorns for a short time and in the end I did mange to get at least one good shot of the light laying on the acorns before it when down. 
Well I do hope this was a still pretty good photograph blog this time even though It wasn't very much to show for. But I will try and show more new photographs later on in the next few months, I promise.

Hope everyone has a great day and farewell till next time.
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Monday, September 11, 2017

The Beauty of the Tree Frogs.

Hello everyone I have another photography blog post and it's all about these photographs of two different frog species that I've found in our yard recently, so lets get started everybody! Well today I've got this first photograph of this frog species; which is the American Green Tree Frog (Hyla Cinerea). It's a common species that lives near around our home, so I had the chance of taking photographs. 
More of the reason why I had that chance of taking photos as well, it's because last weekend I had to cut down all of our Canna Lillie's. (if you need to know what that plant looks like there is one photograph  here on this posting that was earlier on this year.)
I had to cut the lilies down, due to the fact towards this infestation of "LoveBugs" that's been spreading around where we all live for the past month in a half. So anyway with the frogs, while I was removing the dying plants to get rid of those pestling bugs, I also had too escort these little tree frogs to a new home so they wouldn't get in trouble.
However I was busy as well, so I only took photographs of two different frogs I picked up, but I'll tell you this there were way more than "two" on that day. (It was about maybe Four to Six of them I had to rescue from not getting hurt by the clippers.) In the end, I just hope they were not angry and hopefully happy staying in that tree on the front side of our yard; because that's where I had moved them so they were away from the house.
Following up the next frog species I had encountered on that same day was also possibly the Cope's Gray Tree Frog (Hyla Chrysoscelies). It was in the state of being gray, but some can be in a shade of grayish green as well and they are also quite faster than the other tree frogs. They do also have a feature where under their belly they have a bright yellow tone on the legs.
I never saw this species of frog ever before in our yard; so that was a nice change to see them while taking care of cutting down the Canna lilies. They all equally were cute little frogs and I do hope they didn't mind of me picking them up and putting them on the tree branch, but I had to do something.
But with all that I felt it was worth thinking about getting the DSLR camera out while I was working out in the front yard, or else I would've missed this opportunity taking photographs of these different frogs and the would be a very sad miss for me.
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful and great day, farewell till the next time and thank you for the support everybody it means so much towards me-
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Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Autumn on The Breeze.

Hello everyone hope your doing well today; it's going to be a mixed photography blog post today that consist similar details with a Autumn theme. Hope you will enjoy and hope your doing well today! 
Also before we jump in, If you want to see another blog that's in this autumn like theme you should check out my oldest brother's post about Harry Potter Book/Movie III and some cute Knitted/Crochet Pumpkins! 
The link will be right here. My older brothers blog.
Well right starting off here is a photograph of this spider species called the Spiny Orb-Weaver (Gastercantha) or who I'm calling for short Wally the Weaver.  (The Spiny orb-weaver special name refers to it's prominent spines on their abdomen and they can grow as big as 33 miler meters in diameter. They also can be mistaken for crab spiders, because of their spikes.)
This Spiny orb-weaver has been around for about a week or two in our yard; however it has moved placements where the web would be and the spider has become slightly bigger since the last time I saw it as well. They might look scary and creepy too some people. But on this one spiders back it almost looks like it has a smiley face, which to me is kinda funny.
Additionally I wanted to do some still life with objects with similar colors that work together. So I picked out some leaves that I flatten out a few weeks ago and added some ceramics I've had from quite a while ago.
I took the time to place them all together, it wasn't easy trying to keep the photo shots in the cropped area of the camera. I had to make sure it was placed properly, because I didn't want the table wood showing under the paper. 
Next I wanted to show something that's quite silly of me doing, but I did this in my spare time along with the other photographs I've taken. This little thing you might wonder what it is; well this is a potato in fact, It was a old/odd shaped potato that was found in the cabinet. (Also don't worry I'm going to plant this potato later on once it roots in a dirt pot and see if it will grow more. So not wasting away this vegetable.)
I'm going to call this Patti the Potato Mole, as it looks just like a mole in some way. Since I added the eyes and feet from a craft bag that's been around the house; that's why it probably looks like a mole coincidentally. It was a cute short project that I did and well I might not have model clients yet, but I guess an vegetable can do just as fine.

-----Pumpkin Spice Artwork------

Well the final part of the blog post is dedicated towards an new artwork piece that's up on Redbubble today, as I wanted to do something for the change of seasons from summer to fall; so I made an art piece that's a witch lady in a autumn night theme with a little mouse friend to be part of the piece.

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Hope your doing wonderful today and thank you everyone for the support! Farewell till next time.

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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

The Bird of Paradise.

Hello everyone welcome back; today is a very special photography blog and because of that this posting is dedicated to my best friend, Sammy the Indian Ringneck! He's been around for about five years now and he has been in great health; Sammy also has been quite happy with his life, he a silly big green ball of fluffiness with bossy attitude sometimes!

Furthermore, I have some recent photographs of him from about a few days ago. He was very shy of the DSLR camera at first because, I've never used it with him before I only used the small compact camera. Sammy didn't quite know what I was doing with it and he didn't like the assistant light that came on when I pressed down on the shutter release button.
However with a lot of cuddles and talking to him he did pretty alright with the camera in the end. I even let him look at the camera, so he could know it's not some of big black monster. anyway after taking some shots of Sammy, I think he'll want to be a model now that he become so full of himself.
Especially when he walked over my bedding just to get a look in the mirror on my wall. 

He was talking away to himself in the mirror saying; "Hello Sammy" and "Ring Ring" along with "What are doing?" That's his favorite words that he had learnt from me, over the years. While Sammy was talking away I had plenty of time, to take some photographs.
Also along with taking the photographs I thought it was a pretty nice effect having him look at the mirror. It almost looked like we had two Indian Ringnecks in our house, than just one. 

I do have as well, another photograph here of him on top of the bed looking outside the window. The lighting was pretty good for being on a really drizzling day, but I'm glad it was like that way, so there wasn't going to be any harsh light on Sammy.

--Baby Photos--
Well I'm not a Mother, but I guess it's alright to show Sammy's baby photos. He'll probably wont be that embarrassed right? Well these are the only photographs that can gather from my older folders, they are more in between his years of the first year and second in a half years. Due to the fact of his darker ring showing in some photographs. (Even though their more like shadows that full marks)
Now before I even knew he was a male Indian Ringneck, we all thought he was a female. Thus the name "Sammy" became to be as it was a girl like name (Even at least it was more of a unisex name anyway). Sammy for that time, was just learning about words and who to mimic them quite well so I should've expected that he was a male in the first place.
Now this last photograph down below is from, what I can see is an older one than the other two photos above, Sammy's ring had yet to show any sign and his beck was changing a bit from dull to a bright cleaner red color. It's only a close shot of him while he was outside, I was using my old compact camera back then; along with the other two baby photos as well.

Well I hope you thought he was simply adorable and cute! I do hope he wont be mad at me showing his baby photos! But anyway hopefully everyone is having a wonderful day and I'll see you till next time! 

Thank you and farewell.
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