Wednesday, November 15, 2017

The Artwork Gallery Show.

Hello everybody hope you've been doing alright this week. Well finally after trying to schedule the right time to go back to the local art gallery just after the opening reception on October 12. I've now this week have enough proper photographs of my painting that I entered for the gallery show.

Nov/21/2017 UPDATE; there is now a virtual art gallery online on the Bossier Art Council's website. You can see all of the different wonderful art pieces that are at this gallery showing, hope you enjoy!
It was a while before I had time to go back to gallery mostly for the reason that I needed transportation there, but also my older brother really wanted to see my artwork up in the gallery as he missed out on going to the reception with me on that night, since he had been busy for personal reasons.
Anyway on with what this piece is meant for the show. This art showing which is going on this year, from October to November is dedicated to self-portrait and it's officially called "Human Beings & Being Human". The Bossier Art Council  who are the gallery host of this showing, is my hometown art council and the people are there and who work there are really nice and friendly. I actually am so glad that I did join as a member to the council for this year, because If didn't I would've missed out on this artist event and I wouldn't met so many amazing local artist doing so as well.
Furthermore with the painting I did the piece as a self-portrait as myself, I did try to represent my likenesses the best as I could do, even though I never quite do when it comes to doing self-portraits. I wanted to also keep the piece simple to the heart and truthfully to what I care about. Which is being outside with the natural outdoors, as there always have been an interest with nature and wildlife in my life. It is what I love and where I feel more comfortable being. I don't feel the greatest when It comes to the large crowds and big cities, I prefer the country side and the woodlands over anything else. 
So the theme of nature is actually what I wanted for this painting. But one other thing I want to mention; there was also one last thing that I did add to the piece just before it was finished and that was adding in the blue-jay in the top corner. It's actually inspired by an actual blue-jay (here's a link to a photograph that took of the little guy on an older post) who did fly in our backyard on one of the days I was working on this painting. My representation however of the bird, is a little chubby and I struggled to get the colors right for it's feathers. I never attempted to paint a bird before, so it's the best I could at this time. 
Well I don't have much else to say, but I did have a great time at the opening reception, I met so many great artists and wonderfulpeople. While I'm am as well so happy and thankful for joining this art event, it was worth the entry. Because never did I expect my work would ever be accepted in a gallery and I was completely shocked when I found out when it was accepted in to the exhibition. 

Hope everyone is going to have a great time this month and thank you so much for the support, farewell till next time- I'll probably update this blog posting later on, if my older brother makes a blog post of the art council as well.
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Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Tallow Tree of the Story.

Hello everyone hope your doing wonderful. This week is another photography blog posting and it's all from autumn theme, since it's from the tree out in our front yard. Well starting out, I have a bundle of photographs of these berries from the tree I'm talking about.  
This tree species is the Chinese Tallow Tree, a tree with smooth leaves and small black berries that break open to white little bunches as the season changes to autumn. In the summer and spring the leaves are deep green and they usually have these lite green flowers with no petals at the end of the branches. It's also the same tree where I had placed these frogs up for safety back late last summer.
These trees are not native to the north american region, they also can live up to 100 years in their life span. As well the nectar in the tree is non-toxic, so it's a major source of honey for beekeepers and during the summer down by the sea of the gulf coast beekeepers with migrate with their bundles of honey bees to the areas of good Tallow source.
Now I don't have any proper full frame photographs of the whole tree, due to the fact that I don't want to give out where I actually live or take away any privacy of my neighbors. But I do still got enough photographs of the leaves on the ground and the berries. Which with that I did have trouble trying to get good shots without showing any houses, however doing that way way helped me practice with different angles.
Furthermore with this photograph down below It was also very difficult to do. I was at an area where the sun was showing very good and I decided to pick up one of the tallow leaves on the ground. I wanted to take a shot of the leave with the sun going through, but I had to "one" hold the camera in a position that I could see through to live-viewer and take the shot, while "secondly" I was holding the leave in my opposite hand.
It's was a bit of a learning curve, I had a lot of ones I'm not going to show online. However I'm happy with my final result of this leave in the sunlight. Well lastly I've got a long view of the side of our yard between our neighbors side. While since it's on a slope I went to the top part of the hill and took the shot straight across.

I hope everyone is having a good season right now and I hope you enjoyed this posting! Thank you so much for the support given and farewell till next time.
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Wednesday, November 1, 2017

On the Black and White Photographic Odyssey.

Hello everyone I've got another black and white photography blog post. But also I've set a new way of taking still life photography as well, so that will be interesting. Anyway the first batch of photographs are going to be of an dog statue that usually sits on my bedroom desk.
This statue is my mothers and it represents as an Airedale Terrier, it's a vintage statue from the brand Goebel from Germany. I've been very careful taking care of it for quite a few years and it's in a very good condition. 
I always loved this little statue for it's realistic details and style, it's really beautiful so that's the most reason why I decided to take some photographs of the dog statue. I also borrowed one of the toys I gave to Sammy (my Indian Ringneck Parrot) For some prop item to go with the whole shoot, but please don't tell Sammy that I did that though.
Next I've got a photograph of this pine-cone that I've kept in my room for a couple of years now. Since ever once in a while I collect them from our back yard when I know they are empty. This one right here I actually thought was the better one of each one I have, for it's size but also for the whole shape of the pine-cone. 
I could put it in any different angle and still get a diverse shape from this pine-cone. It's because of how it curves that make it a perfect for taking different shoots and also while I used an external lighting the shading in these photographs turn out pretty well.
While speaking of the external light source, it's actually from a portable Ottlite Folding Desk Lamp that's my mother. Who also let me lend it for the extra lighting for shooting photographs in low light. 

So it defiantly had helped when I needed it, since the day I took these like the seashell down below were at a time when it was poring down rain. With that I really needed the extra light for that day.
Well the last photograph I do have here is a figure that I've had since I was a child. A little glass bust of an unicorn. While also I younger loved this fantasy creature and I still do in some way. So this glass bust of the unicorn has been very special to me as I grew up to who I am now.
Also I want to say before I finish this blog post, on what I using as the light-box in the photographs. Once again my mother thought of an idea to recycle this product box she had from her birthday. We do recycle our paper and plastic, but we often keep boxes if we need them so my mom said that since it has a pure white center inside the box. It would be perfect for a minimalism light box for small items and it did work out great! So I want to give my mom a huge thank you and hug for letting me keep the box.

Well I hope you enjoyed this posting and I hope everyone is having a wonderful day!

Thank you so much for all of the support given-
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Thursday, October 26, 2017

The Autumn Nature Adventure.

Hello everyone I do hope your doing wonderful today, I've got another photography posting of different pieces that I have taken in the past two days. In these two days I had sometime to actually take some photographs with is quite good. So starting on the first group of photographs, I have photos of these different types of Donkeys from a farm we have gone by once before in the past. 
The most fascinating one who seemed to want the most attention was this fuzzy white donkey on the left side. Who also has a little black spot on his/hers leg. Now at this farm, we've have gone past this place once before like I just said and I do have one photograph from years ago that I put in a post. Which is in this posting here and you know as well looking back at that photograph the group of Donkeys here are actually the same ones from before. There just more grown up and mature from the years ago. 
Further on in the next day, I was by the end of the back fencing of our property and I noticed that our local ginger cat was out lying down out in the ground on the other side of the fence. As he's quite friendly, being that he was the same cat who got stuck inside of our garage not to long ago. So he didn't mind me taking a few shots before he left from there.
He's a very sweetheart cat with such a tiny voice and he doesn't really mind seeing me every once in a while. "Ginger" who I like to call him, was very bonding with me being that I'm the first family member who met him. Because one funny story about a year ago, when my father left in the morning. Ginger manged to get stuck inside our garage somehow. So later when I woke up to get a loaf of bread from the freezer, I had the huge of my life. To find him running up to me in the middle of the garage!
I at first didn't know what to do with him, however in the end I along my family made the decision to let him out of the garage for him to go and find his owners on his own. Being that most cats do find their way back, he adoringly did so. Being that he's here now.
Lastly I have on the same day another photograph shoot of this "caterpillar". Which might be a Angle Shades Caterpillar or Cabbage Looper Caterpillar I'm still speculating on the species. Anyway it wasn't a very smart or bright caterpillar, as it the one who fell down from our oak tree while I was putting bird feed up in the feeder. So it became my next photo model, as I just happen to have the camera on hand still with me from Ginger's little shoot. 
So I grabbed my camera and found a stick so it could stand on and I found the caterpillar a new home so it wouldn't be taken by any predators and also the place I found for it had a good amount of sunlight and shading.
Well this the end of the posting today, I do hope everyone is safe and doing well. Farewell till next time and thank you so much for the support that is all given. 

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