Wednesday, May 16, 2018

The Wildlife Refuge Adventure-Part One.

Hi everyone, I hope your doing wonderful today! Well the blog post for this time, is about our trip to one of the wildlife refuge in our area last week. Most of this blog post is landscape photographs, with some mixes of wildlife. So I hope you enjoy the weekly blog post today and I hope it's very interesting for you all! 
Well starting right off this is at The Red River Wildlife Refuge and this is the one lake in the refuge. It's called Lake Caroline and this lake was quite vast, that we didn't quite get all the way around on that day. We only got through the half way point from the visitor center to the boating docks, out on the way to the nature trail.
However the other reasons that we didn't go all the way around is because the areas consider as wetlands were still flooded out since the last major storms we had last month.
Now next far as wildlife, I did see a lot of different bird species on our trip. However most if them were too far away for a closer photograph. Nevertheless I did get some fare decent photographs some bird species, likewise this Dickcissel that was up on the tree branch that was above us as we went back towards the visitor center at the end of the trip. 
Futhermore as well, before we went through the nature trail where we saw that bird. We did stop by the boating docks for a short break, mostly too see just the scenery of the lake.
As no one was around docking their boats on that day I had a chance to walk over to see these wildflowers. Which I believe are, the Evening Primroses or Pink Ladies by another name. There were a hole load of these beautiful flowers right on the hill next to the drop off for the lake, that I couldn't miss getting some photographs of them.
Now back to wildlife photographs, here are a set of different animals, from a bird, turtles and rabbit. Firstly here is this little bird at the visitor center on one of their feeders. It's a White-crowned Sparrow and it did have a mate with him, but she was resting up in the tree near by.
Next as we walked on the deck, which was the one right behind the feeder in the photograph above. I noticed on a piece of deadwood in the lake there was a group of turtles. These Red Eared Slider Turtles were basically all over the Lake Caroline far as I could tell.
Then finally as we left the deck to start our trip, as I got near the Ranger's station. There was Eastern cottontail Rabbit laying down in the grass watching us as we walked on the trail. The rabbit didn't seem quite afraid of us, pretty much carried on basking in the sunlight as we carefully watched him from a far.
lastly for today I've got three landscape photographs for the ending part of the blog post. These are very simple photographs, but I hope your okay with them. So here is a close up shot of this green wheat grass.
Which there were a whole field of this type of grass once we got out from the forest area of the nature trail. Also along side the wheat grass there were some wild Dewberries bushes among them. (there the reddish bushes on the left side of the photograph in the background.)
Also in the last photograph, I've got this back shot I took of the nature trail from what was behind us from the scene above. There were some young ceder trees growing along the nature trail and I just thought they had a nice shape so I took a photograph of the trees.
Okay well I do hope this adventurous blog post was enjoyable and this is going to be as a two part blog. As I've still got a lot of photographs left over that I want to show in another weekly post later on this year. But anyway hope the rest of your week will go great and goodbye everyone!

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Friday, April 27, 2018

Flying over the Sunset.

Hi everyone, I hope your week had gone pretty well! So for the weekend I've got the weekly photography blog post. Also this time this blog post it has simple photographs that I've taken while going out on errands for the past couple of weeks. So hope you do enjoy and thank you for sticking around.
Well firstly here is a photograph from a local lake not far from our neighborhood there were a Canadian Goose family there. With six baby duckling in total along with a mother and father, they were feeding together near by the lake while we had drove by on our way to the destination we were going too.

Next on another day about a week before the day we saw that Goose family, after coming back from an art gallery showing I wanted to go and see. Me along with my older brother took the country road home as it was a Friday evening and it was pretty heavy on that day far as people on the roads. 
So I did get some photograph shots along the back roads, as we drove by some of the farm fields and by the river. Which I speaking of the rive here is this not so bad photo shot of this dead tree that was standing right in the open middle just in front of the river.
Now lastly I've got this photograph of the river again from when we drove near by the levee, I took the shot directly where the sun was going down so It gave this cool shaded effect as the sun was beaming through the trees. 
So I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks photography blog post and are having a wonderful day! Goodbye till next time, everyone.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Hummingbird Frenzy.

Hi everyone. I hope your doing great today, well I've finally manged to get a proper scheduling of having the blog post on a Thursday again and this weekly blog post is about a flock of different Hummingbirds that have arrived in recent time.
Hope you all enjoy this blog post; so starting off I want to show the set up of our two new hummingbird feeders that we've gotten for the new year. We wanted to get the hummingbirds new feeders, since there were so many of them turning up this year. Also we hanged the feeders up by our kitchen window so we could see them fly by everyday.
Furthermore we also made homemade nectar for the Hummingbirds. Which is a simple recipe of "1 part sugar to 4 parts water". Following in the recipe is to boil the water first. 'We used a electric kettle to heat up the water quicker'. Then mixing the sugar in to the boiling water in till it's dissolved and letting it cool down for a while before putting it in the feeders. 
Also with these two feeders here being only an 8 oz humming feeders the mix was-
2 1/2 cups of water and 2/3 cups of sugar. (Some was left over, but we used it to re-fill one of the feeders later.)
This is much more a easy and inexperience way then buying store brand nectar for the Hummingbird feeders and this one simple recipe I had found out you can find on many different websites like, and Smithsonian's National Zoo, along with my other places if you just search up hummingbird nectar recipes 

--------Photographs of the Hummingbirds--------
Well anyway I don't have many good photographs of the different hummingbirds as of right now. But I've picked out the best ones I had manged to get and liked the most. So firstly we've got here is a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird, perching on a low tree branch of a tree that's right near the feeders and our kitchen window. She also does have a mate with her I believe, since I've seen him fly around by the feeder many times already. (however I haven't been able to get a photo shot of him as he keeps flying away every time he see me at the window.)
But the female Ruby-throated Hummingbird doesn't really mind me being near by at all, she just usually perches around by where the feeder is on that same kind of branch; waiting for her chance to get to the feeder for some food.
Lastly I've got this other photograph of another Hummingbird, but this one I can't find the proper species name for it's kind.  It does have this tiny bit of orange marking under it's beak and it's smaller than the other hummingbirds, so I guess this one could by a juvenile Hummingbird. 

However right now I can't really find out more about this one Hummingbird and I'm just going to have to leave it, without a name.

I hope everyone had enjoyed this weekly blog post and I do hope everyone has a amazing day and week! Goodbye and I'll see you next week-

Also I forgot to mention but, I'm sorry for not getting a blog post up last week. I was busy with personal reasons and once again we went through a third power outage; because another severe storm had blown right in to our area.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Returning Back from the Winter.

Hello everyone, I hope your doing great and welcome back to the weekly blog post. This week is about different flower photographs I had taken last week before our severe rain storms came in. I'm also saying that because all of these flowers didn't make it after the storm, a lot fell out of their bushes with the heavy rain. So I'm glad I did get photo shots of many I could take. 

Well firstly our neighbors Azaleas bushes bloomed again this year and they were in large bundles. These are Autumn Jewel Azalea's and from the last time I had taken photographs of these flowers it was in February. So this bloom of azaleas are actually late for the new year. 
But even if they were late this year it was nice to see them just before the weather had changed; It was a good opportunity while I had it and with my newer lens and skill level this year I got different  shots compared to last year's photographs.
Furthermore for the first time in quite a while our Pink Lady Indian Hawthorn bushes in our backyard bloomed. Well It the first for me anyway to see them in such a big blossom, I think there was a growth last year; however there weren't enough to survive. 
This bush being very woody and small, I didn't even think they would grow any flowers. So having them around for a week or two with the Azaleas was pretty nice as well.
It defiantly had made the yards look very beautiful while they were blossoming and it was wonderful having them around for their short time.
Lastly I hope everyone has a wonderful day and evening, also this weeks blog post did ended up once again on the weekend due too my busy schedule and I want to apologize for that. But also we had a power outage two day's ago from the rain storm I've been talking about, which cut out one of my usual editing blog drafts day's.

Anyway goodbye till next week and I hope you enjoyed this weekly blog post.

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Friday, March 30, 2018

Prowling around the Household.

Hello everybody, hope you doing great on this day. I'm late again but here's a photography blog post for this week and it's about a little new family member. So I hope you will enjoy this weeks adorable blog post! 

Well here’s the new little guy in our family, Woolly the big fuzzy kitty. Now it actually has been almost five to six years since we’ve had a cat friend in our lives and I have really missed that feeling of having one around, especially ever since one special cat in my life passed on a long time ago.  
So anyway it was discussed through the family and after thinking over for a while now on how it could work out having in our house now. We decided to adopt a kitten from the shelter two weeks ago and he's been doing great ever since. Woolly also is doing pretty well with the other furry friends in our lives; he especially is fond with our chihuahua, Alfie as their both around the same size at the moment.
It will take some time, but I think he'll do pretty okay with growing up in our family. He just needs to learn some of the basics of the house and get used to his environment for the most reasons. 
Woolly as well doesn't mind at all of me taking photographs of him, he is quite content with the camera. But he was mostly asleep in each photograph I took of him, however his sleeping positions were something to take photo's of. Like for instance the one photograph I took up above on this post of him sleeping while sitting was pretty silly.
Lastly I'm glad to see Woolly is doing pretty well for his first two weeks and I hope he grows up right in to our home and family.
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening and day, I'll see you later next week. Also I am sorry for this blog post being on a Saturday I've been busy this week.

Goodbye Everybody!

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Friday, March 23, 2018

The Urban Wildlife.

Hello everyone I hope your doing great today, I'm back with this weeks blog post and it's wildlife photographs this time. However the bird wildlife photographs here are not out in the woods as you usually would see. These are from the time my family and I were waiting at a parking lot; So guess I can class them as urban wildlife photographs.
When we were at this parking space, a whole load of different birds that I often see in city places had turned up near our car. Also luckily no other car was around us, so it gave me a clear chance to get shots of them, like these two couples of Rock Pigeons
While also these female Great-tailed Grackle's were out and about in the parking lot as well. Mostly they had more interested in the water that was flowing in the cracks, since it had rained not to long ago from the day I took these photographs.
So they were looking for all the water that was still laying after the rain storm that came in. Furthermore they did noticed that I was there, so my shots show them looking back at me; but they didn't really care at all that I was there taking photo shots from the car window.
Lastly one of the male Great-tailed Grackle walked across from ahead of our car front nose, he also looked like he was looking around for the other grackles. He was also pretty much doing nothing but calling out for everyone and running around acting like he was the boss.
  Actually while he was calling out to the others, I got a lucky shot of the male grackle with his mouth wide open as he was standing right by our car at the same stance like the photograph above.
 So those were pretty okay photographs for this blog post and it was a good opportunity that I did have my camera bag with me or else I would've missed out on that day. Plus even though this wasn't something I was expecting to find to photograph in that area, It's still a nice change for that day.

Anyway I hope you have a good evening or morning wherever you live and I'll see you later next week. Farewell and goodbye everybody!

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Blooming of the new Spring: part two.

Good morning and good evening everyone, I hope you've been having a great week. So this week is on a Friday as I've got held up with a lot of yard work from the weekend. I was helping by removing all of the dead and dying Bamboo trees out from the backyard since the weather has been warming up slightly. So that work has kept me busy mostly every day starting from last Friday and I only had enough time yesterday to get this blog finished. 
Well anyway I do hope you enjoy today's blog post even if it's on a Friday.
Okay firstly this blog is about the very vast amount of Hot Pink Azalea's that bloomed this year, since after we had all that frost and rain in the past few months. It actually helped our Azalea bush in the backyard to grow quite a lot of flowers this time around.
I wasn't expecting to see so many of them survive for such a longer time either, as for most they only last in a few days before the rain storms destroy them; however they've been doing pretty good for the past two weeks only a couple have dropped off from the bush.
These Azaleas also were really beautiful and lovely this year more than any other year I could remember. They were fully bloomed and in bright color, I truly felt they were in perfect shape.
Lastly someone else thought they were perfect as well. This Harlequin Ladybug was hiding in a closed Azalea, it couldn't hide from me I spotted him/her anyway and took some photographs of the little guy. 
Well I don't want  hope your going to have a wonderful day and Goodbye till next week everyone. Farewell-
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Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blooming of the new Spring: part one.

Hello everybody I'm back from a week hiatus I had taken for myself as I've been feeling burned out lately. Well anyway here's a mix photography blog post for today and it's from the past week or so while I took the break. 
So actually taking a break for a week, did help as It gave me a chance to find the time too look for something to photograph in my area of field. Well anyway with this first batch of photographs I've got here; are of the Virginia Spring Beauty's flowers that were growing across our front yard. This photograph here also has the butterfly species, Banded Hairstreak on the Virginia Spring Beauty. 
There is also this long-shot of the same flowers near a puddle of water that was laying in the water ditch, since it did rain heavily a few days prior taking these photographs. Which having the puddle there gave this shot a nice look to the background as the sky was reflecting on the water's surface.
Next photographs are from near by the mail box at the end of our drive way; these Henbit Deadnettle's flowers were covering that ground area. However at first researching the name of this flower species was very confusing, because at first I thought they were "Ground Ivy" as they were so similar to each other.  
But those two kinds are both part of the same mint family, their just different kinds of mint flowers that's all. Furthermore the Henbits were really beautiful as they gave the yard a nice purple tone while they were still there.
Moving on to the last two photographs, here is some night-time photo's from the night before the moon sighting called the Full Worm Moon. I didn't at first knew that the first day of March was a special full moon, so I only went out on the 28th of February to see the moon. Mostly because while out with the dogs I noticed how the sky was still bright and the moon was already raised.
So the day before the full moon sighting had been a better opportunity on that night. Also this is the last photograph for today's blog post sadly, but I'm making this weeks a two part blog. That means next week with be some of the extra photographs I had taken in the past two weeks!
Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post today and do hope you all have a wonderful evening everyone, goodbye till next time.

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Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Roses for the Bunches.

Hello Everyone, hope your having a good day this week. Well today's blog post is here and it's going to be the last one for about a week. I'm considering giving myself a breather on this blog, so I'll be giving it a break on next week's blog posting. I just feel like I'm burning out of ideas and I want to take some time on other personal things in my life.
Anyway I hope that's alright with everyone and I hope you enjoy this weeks photographs. Well to start right off in the post, these are all flower photographs of rose bouquets from Valentines Day. 
There were two batches of different roses, one batch of each deep reds and pink roses. I made sure that I got as many photographs I could on the days that weren't dark and wet. Because there was a very need for natural light to be on the roses so they weren't too dark for the photo shoot.
As these roses were in very dark red tone, I wanted to have the right lighting and exposure. So with the day I took these photograph was slightly sunny I manged to get some decent shots of the individual roses.
I also went back down to my standard lens (18-55mm) for these shots as it was more easier because I did try using my longer lens for some of the other photographs I had taken, but I didn't get the results that I was looking for those.

Furthermore here's the photographs of the pale pink variations of roses that we had around Valentines day. These are by the term name "Topaz" roses from what the bouquet label had said and they were quite beautiful!
I actually thought all of the flowers were beautiful in their own way and It was nice to have them in our home this year. This was also a pretty nice opportunity to get practice with taking shot in flower photography.
So here's the last photograph for today's blog post and I do hope you enjoyed seeing all of these flower photographs this week. I'll come back to a normal schedule possibly after next week I just need a break from the blogging.

Have a great week everyone and goodbye till next time-
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