Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Roses for the Bunches.

Hello Everyone, hope your having a good day this week. Well today's blog post is here and it's going to be the last one for about a week. I'm considering giving myself a breather on this blog, so I'll be giving it a break on next week's blog posting. I just feel like I'm burning out of ideas and I want to take some time on other personal things in my life.
Anyway I hope that's alright with everyone and I hope you enjoy this weeks photographs. Well to start right off in the post, these are all flower photographs of rose bouquets from Valentines Day. 
There were two batches of different roses, one batch of each deep reds and pink roses. I made sure that I got as many photographs I could on the days that weren't dark and wet. Because there was a very need for natural light to be on the roses so they weren't too dark for the photo shoot.
As these roses were in very dark red tone, I wanted to have the right lighting and exposure. So with the day I took these photograph was slightly sunny I manged to get some decent shots of the individual roses.
I also went back down to my standard lens (18-55mm) for these shots as it was more easier because I did try using my longer lens for some of the other photographs I had taken, but I didn't get the results that I was looking for those.

Furthermore here's the photographs of the pale pink variations of roses that we had around Valentines day. These are by the term name "Topaz" roses from what the bouquet label had said and they were quite beautiful!
I actually thought all of the flowers were beautiful in their own way and It was nice to have them in our home this year. This was also a pretty nice opportunity to get practice with taking shot in flower photography.
So here's the last photograph for today's blog post and I do hope you enjoyed seeing all of these flower photographs this week. I'll come back to a normal schedule possibly after next week I just need a break from the blogging.

Have a great week everyone and goodbye till next time-
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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wildlife From the Backyard.

Hello everyone, I hope your doing lovely this week. I've got Thursdays blog post up today and once again it's my usual nature/wildlife photography. So I have these photographs here from a practice shoot I did a few weeks ago with "the tripod" outside in our backyard. 
This practice shoot was to see if I could get shots of our local wildlife with the camera on the tripod near by the feeder, however it didn't turn out the way I wanted to do in the end. because I thought about using my camera remote to take the photographs from afar, but by time I had set up the camera and got outside. I found out that the battery wasn't working on the camera's remote.
So instead of taking a step back away from the camera and taking the shot with the remote, I had to pretty much hide and crotch myself behind the tripod while taking the shot of who ever came to the feeder. Which for most who wasn't really noticing I was there was the Eastern Gray Squirrels that we have living in our trees. But I also had a little Black Capped Chickadee turn up many times to the bird feeder before the squirrels had came around.
But mostly the squirrels kept me in company, they stayed around the most in till I needed to go back inside and even though I was cramped behind my tripod, It was definitely worth it by staying there watching them turn up to the bird feeder.
Well for the final photographs, the common Grackles came back to the front side of our yard and this time they weren't all crazy and running around everywhere. So I had the chance of getting shots through the kitchen window of these two Grackles standing next to each other.
While also getting this photograph of one solo Grackle prowling the ground for bugs and seed with the others. It was actually nice to get some decent shots of them before they left again. As I was really hoping to get photographs of their colorful feather caps.
So I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and I see'll you around later on! Thank you and goodbye-
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Wednesday, February 7, 2018

The Color Splash Frenzy.

Hello everyone, well it's Thursday blog post day and I've got something new in store. Well it is new too me, but you've probably seen this before in photography. This is color splash a method you can do to your photographs in Photoshop, by taking two duplicate layers of the background and turning one layer in too monochrome while masking that layer with the other duplicate layer which is colored. 
This color splash method was quite hard to do actually, the masked layer I had to erase the area on that mask where I wanted to bring out. Because to bring up that colored back layer I had to erase the monochrome layer by the mask not the layer itself and touch up any areas that were showing across the monochrome layer. 

Anyway most of these photographs are from the past, mostly the extra's I've kept from previous blog post and photo shoots. Like this photograph of Ginger from last weeks blog post. This photograph was my first attempt with the color splash and I kinda regretted it. As it was really difficult to work with masking around the fur of Ginger, but also trying to stop the blue sky from showing up. Nevertheless in the end I didn't do that bad with the editing and it turned out alright far as what I can see.
Moving on the next photographs were much easier to edit, because the objects in the scene that I picked had a more sharper edge to them. The next photograph is one example, as the sunflower had no soft/fuzzy edging like fur does. So it wasn't harder to clean up my torch up and erasing like how it was with the last photograph. 
Following up here's one that was slightly difficult to clean up photo, but not as bad then the Ginger cat photograph. It's just more uneasy to get around the objects in my birds "Sammy" cage.
Next I've got two portrait length photographs from a while ago that are from our Chinese Tallow trees in the front yard one which is the leaf from the tree and the other is a frog hanging on the branch of the Tallow tree. 
These photographs was more simple than the other photo's, but they still look pretty well in the color splash method and using these photographs worked as they had a vibrant color tone in them. 
Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post and I'll say goodbye for now. I will see you next time hope you have a great day!

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Friday, February 2, 2018

The Cat of The Evening.

Hello everyone I hope your doing wonderful today. Well I've got another blog post for this week and this time it is a photography blog. Just like I had promised last week, when I showed my artwork piece.
So this weeks photographs are from home and these first batches are from two days ago when I took the dogs out in the morning. "Ginger" our local neighborhood cat was on the fence line that day while I was out their. However I think he did realize that he couldn't jump down in our yard from the fence, because of the dogs. 
So Ginger stayed on the post long enough for me to take the dogs back in and grab my camera for some photographs, since he doesn't really mind me being there at. Ginger was quite content with the situation for a short time but, after I had left him alone and went inside; he got up to go back to his own home.
But it's still nice to see him every so often, It just sometimes he can turn up at the most random moments in the day and night.
Moving on from our neighborhood "Ginger" cat, I've got two photographs from a raining day just a few days before I took those photographs of Ginger. So firstly here's a photograph of a squirrel up in this old dead tree. The little guy wasn't to afraid of me, so It wasn't hard getting a good photograph of the squirrel. 
Lastly I have this quick, slightly blurred photograph of a bundle of Common Grackles. this shot was taken through the kitchen window, so that is the reason why it's not in the best quality; but also these flock of birds were moving everywhere. They were in a very large group, by almost in the hundreds.  Also I didn't realize the amount of noise Grackles can make as well I didn't think we were going to get that many moving in to the woods of our neighborhood.
Well I do hope you enjoyed this post and sorry that it is on a Friday this time, I've been busy with an online class I'm taking right now and just some family business.

But I hope your doing great and goodbye for now!

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Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Moonlight Musical

Hello everyone I hope your doing wonderful today. Well I got a blog post for today and it's about the first proper finished piece of artwork for the beginning of the new year. So this does mean the blog this week isn't a photography post this time, however I'll be making up for that on the next week blog post.
Furthermore with this piece I actually have been stuck with this idea for about a bit now and I wanted to put it down on proper paper for once then just forgetting about the whole idea. Moving on the theme that I had in mind is about different instruments and I'm considering on doing more paintings with different variations of instrument artwork pieces to go along with this piece I've done right here. 
The piece in speaking is a representation of the violin and the theme of the moon with the stars. "However" at first I didn't really have that idea in mind at first, I didn't know what the whole theme going to end up being. But as by the time I did the background color and started on her design it ended up as the color theme of the night. So I settled with the theme of the artwork to be the moonlight and the violin. 

Well I hope you enjoyed this blog post today and this piece is also available at my art store if your interested in prints and products of this painting.

Thank you everyone and goodbye till next time!

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Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Snowy Day of The Year.

Hello everyone, I'm back this week from being badly sick the week before. So anyway this blog post is a bit different this time. The weather in our area changed from being just cold, too actual snow on the ground.
It's been years since I've seen snow in such a large amount, so It was nice to see it again after all these years. Furthermore, the first photograph for the blog post, is a close up of our holly bush from the backyard. 

It's been years since I've seen snow in such a large amount, so It was nice to see it again after all these years. Furthermore, the first photograph for the blog post is a close up of our holly bush from the backyard. Then later on I went out in the front yard and took some photo shots of the Boxwood bushes that were out their, however you can say they were barely visible underneath all the snow. The local weather channels did say that it was going to be about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and well in the end they were correct. 
Also I really didn't think it was going to last this long, as this blog post is for Thursday; I'm talking in the past tense by saying it's been around for two/three days. It started snowing on Monday late at night and has stayed on the ground ever since then.
The tree stump in our backyard even as well was completely covered on top with about an inch of snow. There was so many things covered up with snow I actually didn't know what to take a photographs of at that time.
So mostly all the shots are closes up of the snow, rather than any full landscape shots of the snow and as well I wanted to keep my home private anyway. With that the last photograph is from the branches of our Oleander tree.
Anyway I hope you are doing safe and having a wonderful day. I also hope you enjoyed this blog post farewell till next week, bye!
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Flight of the New Day.

Hello everyone, want to say I hope you've had a really wonderful holiday season. I'm officially back from my hiatus, with a very new post to the blog for the new year and this blog post theme is all decked out with bird photography! Since lately there has been a large amount of different birds turning up in our area; mostly due to our sudden freezing weather. They've been very ambitious for food and water, so I've made sure they had enough food and water for their needs.
So the first batch of photographs, are from about a week just before the holiday week. When I noticed that there were a whole bunch of American Goldfinches looking around for water. So I filled up the bird bath for them and they all turned back up. While they were busy getting their water needs, I had the chance to take some photographs of them. 
They came in a very large migration, more than I usually ever have seen in a while. So it was nice for a short time having them around and about. However after the week had ended, they all moved on from our area. 
Additionally after the holidays were over, only two days ago we had an even colder freeze came in heavily. So more birds became more eager to find food, especially are local Northern Cardinals. There were two mating pares outside on our patio, they found the makeshift table I made with a bottom of a flower pot.
I put a lot of left over bird seed from our parrots feed. As we're over stock on that for the winter. Anyway they are really loving the treat I left them, even this big fella right here who's a Brown Thrasher. Liked what I had to offer, He/She however was quite aware that I was there.
By then, it flew away but I still manged to get at least one shot before hand and that was all good enough for me. Furthermore I've got the last photograph for this blog post today and it's the possible mate of the male cardinal from the last photograph as he was not so far from her. She was actually less timid than her mate was, so there was a better chance of getting more shots of her instead.
While with the topic of getting the photo"shots"; that male cardinal photograph I took actually did have a trim up, as originally there was too much window framing in the photo shot. The other photographs they seem fine and alright with the window frame. But the one of the male cardinal just seemed more than what I wanted too see.

Well I think I've rambled on long enough, I hope you enjoyed the blog post and I'm going back in a line of action with my blog schedule for the new year! So see you every Thursday for new and brighter new year to come. 

Hopeyfully everyone will have a great 2018 and farewell till next time, goodbye-
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Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Seasons of the Holidays.

Hello everyone, hope your doing well today. This week's blog post is here and it's going to be the last one in till after Christmas as I mentioned before. Now I'm going to say some of these photographs aren't in very good focus nor are there many here, I thought they looked fine on the camera, but they just don't seem to be the best on the laptop. 
Well firstly these are all from our new Christmas tree and that makes this post a holiday theme, which with that this is also the first year in while to actually have a tree up. it's also a white tinsel tree with different colored lights. These photographs are from when we just had put it up on the table, so I don't have any photo's at the moment with the ornaments on the tree.
But the ornaments are our personal family items and I just wanted too show the photographs I have without the full tree of ornaments. Furthermore these photographs, I was working and trying to use the manual mode of my camera with the new lens. 
The manual mode is still a learning curve for myself, as with the older lens I couldn't really get the hang of it. However with the newer lens there something new with it that makes it a lot easier for taking photographs. Because the new lens actually has a manual focus ring; the lens that came with the Nikon D60 did not have that option.
It's also the mane reason why there is some out of focus shots in these photo's, as it was my own manual focusing. So I'll try and practice more with manual mode as the new year starts, I want next year to be the year where I work harder on my photography and improve more with what I've already started.
 This is the end of the blog post and I know it's not much as I usually show, since it's only photographs of the same theme which is the white tree in close up shots. But I wanted to keep this week very simple as I won't be doing anymore posts in till at least the 28th of this month or possibly the 4th of January. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the post even though it was short the next blog post will be longer than this one, next time. So merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'll see you again by the beginning of the new year.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Seven Days of Nature Photography.

Hello everyone hopefully your doing wonderful today. I've got the photography blog post and it's for a Saturday this time due to this photograph challenge I've been doing over these seven days. On Facebook I was nominated by my mother to do this seven day nature photography challenge. This blog post will consist with landscape and wildlife, they've been from the past couple of weeks. So anyway let's get started shall we.
Firstly the photograph to start this blog post is a river scene from a city park by the Red River, LA. This was from when my older brother and myself went on a trip out about a few week ago. 

While the next photograph is from another area in our area, which is Cypress Bayou Lake. Funny thing as well about this photograph, I actually took the photo through the window of our moving car. Taking the shot I didn't really think I was going to get anything, however with my learning curve with the shutter speed. I've kinda figured out how to get the right settings down when I need too.
Furthermore here is a night-time photograph, from a few night ago where we had a supermoon. The cold moon, one of the last supermoon of this year was on December 3, 2017. While many saw it in a much larger scale, here in Louisiana, it wasn't that close. nevertheless, taking my focal length to 200mm and having my exposure right. I manged to get a decent shot of the moon. With this photograph, I was really happy how it came out, because I don't often get a good night-time shot.  
On the next photograph. I have another shot through a window, but this time at home. When I was looking outside for any packages I noticed there was a Northern Mockingbird standing on the branch of our tree outside. This bird I often find outside by the front door all the time; I don't know whether it's the same one every time. However from it's behavior being out by the front door, there might be a possibility it's the same one as always.  
With that Northern mockingbird, I've got a photograph from the exact same day with another bird species. This blue jay, who had a bath from the water-feeder, was quite content with me being outside under the tree by our house. So I got my camera from the house and took a shot of the blue jay while it was preening their feathers.
The final two photographs will consist with flowers and a butterfly. First here is a Sulphur Butterfly, on a yellow daisy like flower at a city/park garden, that I went to about a month ago with my older brother again. It's was the only butterfly that would stay still enough for me to take a shot in this garden, because all the rest which were "Viceroy Butterfly's"; Were flying around and chasing each other.
Then here is the last photograph with our azalea flower bush, which suddenly bloomed out of know where in the middle of our first frost of the season. I didn't really think that it was going to bloom, but now there is now a whole bunch of buds turning up in the flower bush.

Well I hope this blog post was alright and I'm also sorry for the late posting this week, but i'll catch up in the next weeks ahead. Thank you and farewell till next time!
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Tuesday, November 28, 2017

The Sunshine from the Distance.

Hello again everyone hope your doing fine. I've got another new photography post and it has something new as well, I'll share about whats is new in this blog post. So hope you enjoy and thank you for staying by today.
Well starting right off, I have some photographs that were taken in our back garden again. These first batches of photographs are our fluffy family pets, Eddy and Alfie. I caught them in the act just before they both tackled each other, with a new upgraded lens. Also even though it isn't the holiday's quite yet, we recently got a package and in this package was the "Nikon AF-S DX 55-200 mm VR II ED" lens for my D60 camera. 
Now I wont get in more detail about the lens yet, I'll be talking more about it at the end of this post. So anyway I shot this at a further distance in the yard. The lens focal length was about at 98mm and at the exposure time of 1/100 sec. I absolutely love this lens for the change in quality and the ease of getting the shot without ever disturbing the subject. 
When it comes to getting the camera close to them before, they run straight up to me and I never get the shot. So have this longer range lens does help a lot, when it comes to getting the perfect photograph. Also likewise with that statement; Eddy being that he's completely blind and he likes to wiggle all over the place. I often have trouble getting him in the shot as he just usually becomes a big blurred blob. So now If I move back a few feet and wait till he's calm on his own, I can just change my focal length to a farther measure.
(Also excuse the messy hair, Eddy is a bit old and he likes to keep rolling in the sand and dirt in the yard all the time.)

Furthermore another one of our fuzzy pets, Barkley. Is another one who comes straight towards the camera before I can get a shot. So having the focal length at the full of 200 mm, I did mange getting a photograph of him just before he ran up to me. 
There was also a squirrel as well, by the oak tree. Just about a few hours before I had taken the dogs outside, It was also one of the first outdoor photographs I had took with the new long range lens. This is when I got my first impression about the new lens.
For once I got the chance to use DSLR camera, with a farther focal length and take shots of the wildlife without scaring them away from what they were doing. However this one other squirrel did spot me in the yard, but he/she didn't really mind me being there for a while.
Well now I've finished with the photographs, I want to talk about the lens in whole. First this lens is a pretty great lens for the first impressions, I actually see a slight change in the color of my photographs and that's a good thing. There is a more vibrant and natural tone to the photographs when It's clear sky. While next, the sun flares is less heavy on the lens than what I'd get with the standardized 18-55mm kit lens that came with our camera. I haven't seen any distortion and there is only a bit of a fuzziness with the noise. But it's not that bad, it's still very high quality. 

Now there was only one problem that brought me up to keep the lens before the holiday's. When we got in from delivery, we got it locked in with the D60 camera just fine. However when I turned on the camera I found it said "Lens not attached" and "F --". So me and my mother did get in a panic that the lens wasn't working, but it wasn't the lens at all. We at first didn't know that it had to be taken out "lock mode" or "L" for the short letter on the lens itself. 
You have to take the number up to 55mm before the camera will recognize it's there. By getting to the next meter, you need to keep hold of the round button on the lens, as you turn the zoom ring clockwise. It was a simple mistake we had made and if we didn't read the manual first. We would've ended up returning the whole thing, before finding out it was fine the whole time.

So If you get one of these type of lens with the button and "L" lock mode, remember that okay-

Well I hope you enjoyed and I hope I gave the right information for everyone. But farewell till next time and thank you for the support given.


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