Thursday, January 18, 2018

The Snowy Day of The Year.

Hello everyone, I'm back this week from being badly sick the week before. So anyway this blog post is a bit different this time. The weather in our area changed from being just cold, too actual snow on the ground.
It's been years since I've seen snow in such a large amount, so It was nice to see it again after all these years. Furthermore, the first photograph for the blog post, is a close up of our holly bush from the backyard. 

It's been years since I've seen snow in such a large amount, so It was nice to see it again after all these years. Furthermore, the first photograph for the blog post is a close up of our holly bush from the backyard. Then later on I went out in the front yard and took some photo shots of the Boxwood bushes that were out their, however you can say they were barely visible underneath all the snow. The local weather channels did say that it was going to be about 2-3 inches of snow on the ground and well in the end they were correct. 

Also I really didn't think it was going to last this long, as this blog post is for Thursday; I'm talking in the past tense by saying it's been around for two/three days. It started snowing on Monday late at night and has stayed on the ground ever since then.
The tree stump in our backyard even as well was completely covered on top with about an inch of snow. There was so many things covered up with snow I actually didn't know what to take a photographs of at that time.
So mostly all the shots are closes up of the snow, rather than any full landscape shots of the snow and as well I wanted to keep my home private anyway. With that the last photograph is from the branches of our Oleander tree.
Anyway I hope you are doing safe and having a wonderful day. I also hope you enjoyed this blog post farewell till next week, bye!
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Wednesday, January 3, 2018

The Flight of the New Day.

Hello everyone, want to say I hope you've had a really wonderful holiday season. I'm officially back from my hiatus, with a very new post to the blog for the new year and this blog post theme is all decked out with bird photography! Since lately there has been a large amount of different birds turning up in our area; mostly due to our sudden freezing weather. They've been very ambitious for food and water, so I've made sure they had enough food and water for their needs.
So the first batch of photographs, are from about a week just before the holiday week. When I noticed that there were a whole bunch of American Goldfinches looking around for water. So I filled up the bird bath for them and they all turned back up. While they were busy getting their water needs, I had the chance to take some photographs of them. 
They came in a very large migration, more than I usually ever have seen in a while. So it was nice for a short time having them around and about. However after the week had ended, they all moved on from our area. 
Additionally after the holidays were over, only two days ago we had an even colder freeze came in heavily. So more birds became more eager to find food, especially are local Northern Cardinals. There were two mating pares outside on our patio, they found the makeshift table I made with a bottom of a flower pot.
I put a lot of left over bird seed from our parrots feed. As we're over stock on that for the winter. Anyway they are really loving the treat I left them, even this big fella right here who's a Brown Thrasher. Liked what I had to offer, He/She however was quite aware that I was there.
By then, it flew away but I still manged to get at least one shot before hand and that was all good enough for me. Furthermore I've got the last photograph for this blog post today and it's the possible mate of the male cardinal from the last photograph as he was not so far from her. She was actually less timid than her mate was, so there was a better chance of getting more shots of her instead.
While with the topic of getting the photo"shots"; that male cardinal photograph I took actually did have a trim up, as originally there was too much window framing in the photo shot. The other photographs they seem fine and alright with the window frame. But the one of the male cardinal just seemed more than what I wanted too see.

Well I think I've rambled on long enough, I hope you enjoyed the blog post and I'm going back in a line of action with my blog schedule for the new year! So see you every Thursday for new and brighter new year to come. 

Hopeyfully everyone will have a great 2018 and farewell till next time, goodbye-
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