Wednesday, October 11, 2017

The Beginning of Autumn.

Hello everyone hope your having a good day. I've got a photography blog for everyone today, before I head off to the opening reception at the local art gallery in the evening. Also I did promise on the last post that I was going to do this posting on Tuesday, but in the end I had more time to finish this blog on the date I wanted too do instead.

Hope you enjoy.
Well firstly I have this photograph that I took about a week ago of this Blue Jay, who was on our water feeder for a short time. This Blue Jay was a very healthy and beautiful bird and I just had the chance of luck to get a photo shot of him before it flew away.
Next I have a photograph of one the leaves that were down on the ground and since it's the start of Autumn. I'm hoping to see some variations in the colors of the leaves whether they'll be on the ground or still in the tree branches. 
Furthermore I have another photograph from last week when we were busy outside in the front I noticed that we had a little guest on the garage window. This is the frog species, The Gray Tree Frog (Hyla Versicolor) as a green morph. This species can be found in most part in the United States and they can be in the many shade and tones of green, gray, white and yellow. This guy was a very small little one, if I didn't see him at first I wouldn't of known it was their.
Lastly this is another photograph I had taken when I did this photograph from last weeks blog post. (the pine cone photograph in the posting.) this photo down below is from a different angle and it's in the original color tone. This isn't very special but It does shows that the seasons are changing and that is mostly what this post is showing for. 
The first start of the Fall season and hopefully the good sign of great season this year. Well anyway I hope you're doing alright today and I hope this post was good enough for everyone. Farewell and thank you for all of the support! 

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Friday, October 6, 2017

The Black and White Symphony

Hello everyone I know this time the photography posting is on a different schedule than usual, however I do want to explain that reason by saying that I've been on a seven day photography challenge over on Facebook, which my mother nominated me to do. From where I first found this challenge it was from the photographer that I've now found I'm quite fond of her work, Darlene Hildebrandt from Digital Photo Mentor. This was a challenge to show monochrome photographs without explaining anything and they also could be everything you take, except for Humans.

So I'm sure you're doing wonderful today and hope you enjoy this post after all. Firstly I have another photograph from earlier when I had rescue a bunch of American Tree Frogs from not getting under my clippers, this one photograph actually came out pretty well being in black and white~
Furthermore doing this seven day challenge of photography, on the first day the photograph I had used was from my mom recommendation that I would show this sunflower photograph. But since It's already a piece I've already shown in the past I didn't want to upset anyone by doing a re-run of the same photograph in another blog post.

Moving on, I did take a recently done photograph of a little pinecone that was laying down on our quite old tree stump out in the backgarden. It was originally in color, which most are in this posting. But I felt it looked much better in monochrome rather than in full color.
Next I have a piece from a while ago when our yard was full of Dandelions for a short time. This piece was also in full color as, however even in monochrome it still had this lifelike feel towards the photograph and I think It turned out wonderful~
Along with the Dandelions I have a photograph from when I found some False Garlic flowers in our yard and yet I might of darken this piece a bit too much with the levels. But it's still good enough, it actually has this almost moody feel to this photograph.
Additionally there is also a photograph from the Sixth day, which was of this Eastern Tiger Swallowtail Butterfly from way back. It was one of the spare photographs I took of this butterfly before it went away and never really came back.
Lastly I have one photograph from a lake view, back in the summer time. I wanted to do the last day with a landscape photograph to end it all off. So anyway I hope you enjoy the last piece on this blog posting.
Finally I also have one more important thing I want to say before I go. 
While this challenge has been going on this week. I did also last month finished a piece of artwork for a entry to an local art gallery show from the art council. Earlier on this week I also retrieved a letter from them saying that my painting was judged and it was officially accepted in to their gallery show for a whole two months! Which made me very excited and joyful, because I can have my artwork on display with a lot of local artists and their amazing work! There will also be an opening reception on the 12th of this month, which is Thursday. So I might end up doing the next blog post on Tuesday next week being that I will be busy on the 12th.  

Hope you had enjoyed this blog and farewell till next time! Thank you so much for the support.

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