Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Forest Dream, Part One of Two.

Hello everyone welcome back to another new photography blog post. Today the photographs are all from my Canon Sx610 HS camera and there is also lot of nature photo's in this post If you want to know. So I do hope you enjoy and are having a lovely day today. So anyway lets get started then!

Well the first batch of photographs are very different than I've ever taken before. Being that I don't often have the chance to get close shots of birds, that is why I'm saying that. These two photographs are a Cattle Egret from our backgarden. 
This Cattle Egret definitely loved are home for some odd reason, It was strutting itself all over the place like it pretty much owned the place. The same Egret as well has been staying around our home for almost a week now, along with possibly a whole family of Cattle Egrets. 
 Also on the same day after the little bird visit in the morning. I felt like just taking an experiment photo my photography, additionally it was also around noon when I took this. the sun was just settling down, so in the background I had a nice settle with the yellow laying on the leaves.
Moving ahead, here is a photograph I took earlier last week. Which are these beautiful blooming Rosy Pink "Crape Myrtle's". As it is the right season now for them, there are Crape Myrtles everywhere.  (Also if you do look close at this piece, you might find a buzzing honey bee on the left corner! I don't know why but every time I take a photograph, It always has to have a little bug of some type in them.)
Along with the Rosy Pink Myrtles I also took some "White Myrtles", while waiting at a parking lot. Furthermore all of these photographs were still taken with my Canon Sx610 Camera, being that it has a pretty great zoom I quite love the results of each piece. 
I actually lately have preferred mixing between using the Nikon DSLR Camera and the Canon Camera with my photography. So I've been caring both around with me when I can get outside and when I'm indoors as well! 
Well I know this maybe a bit short, but I'm going to do something different. This blog post is going to have another part later on, since I still have quite a few more photographs to add up for the next posting.

But I hope you have enjoyed and thank you so much everyone for the support. Farewell till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017 

Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Summer Sunflower Trail.

Hello everyone, I'm glad to say welcome back to another photography/art blog post today. I'm also saying it like that because the blog post comes with a piece of artwork and photography both together as one post once again like I've done before in the past.

 Well anyway the watercolor artwork piece in this post was done with my newest set of art supplies; which are the "Winsor&Newton Cotman Pocket Plus Set" and the "Fluid Cold Press Watercolor Paper". By the way I'll tell you that I do really love the watercolor paint set and the paper. The paints are quite vibrant in their colors and they give a really nice texture on the cold press paper.

Also If want to know the materials which I used in this piece. They were Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolors, mixed brands of colored pencils, Sakura white gelly-roll pen, decorative chalk pastels and General's white charcoal.
Furthermore on this blog post, here is the mane inspiration of this watercolor piece. The Sunflower photographs had that I had taken from our trip to the Sunflower fields from Gilliam, LA. Anyway on June 17th,  my family and I went on our usual trip around town. We did go to a local car show that day as well and if you wish to know more about that show you can go to my Brothers blog post he had put up on Monday. (Cobras, Chevys and Custom Cars, Oh My!)
(Also this piece above isn't from dusk time, It's was actually from day time like the rest. I was just working around in Photoshop.)

Additional from the last sentence, I did not expect after the car show that we were going towards the sunflower trail on that same day. But at least I had luck to bring the DSLR Nikon camera with me so I didn't miss out on this opportunity. Because this was completely worth the trip to the sunflower trail!
This also was my first time I probably can remember ever seeing Sunflowers in large fields. So that made me quite joyful on that day. But also someone don't know who, made a really silly and sweet smile on one of the flowers. Which made me laugh and feel even more happier.
With the same photograph, here's a closer look of the smiling sunflower. From that I also forgot to note from the beginning of this blog. The photographs I took have been worked on in Photoshop Elements. Likewise the first photo isn't then same like the original, I made it look like the sun was going down, but it was actually still daylight.
I did it as just an experiment on that piece. But the rest of the photographs are barely different from their Raw Image, Only minor contrast and color saturation change was done on them.
Well we are getting close to the end of this blog post and I don't have really much else too say, so here's the three close up photographs of the sunflowers. that I had loved the most. All of the three sunflower photographs go by from the courter side, center point and side part of each other.
Also the "courter side" sunflower has a little insect on the center part of the flower. I don't actually know this time what type of bug it is. But I guess it's probably part of the "Long-horned Beetle Family" from what I could find.
For the end I want to say I hope you've enjoyed this blog post this week and hopefully in the following weeks I will bring you more amazing blog post.

Thank you so much for you support and I hope you all are going to have an amazing week today! Farewell everyone till next time.

© Breann Kuhn; LadyannaVintage 2017 All Rights Reserved

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Dragon of the Sunset.

Hello everyone and welcome back to another blog post! I hope everybody is having an amazing and great week. I've got for you this time a much shorter blog post. In the post this week I've finally after many failures of getting any photographs of "dragonflies" since for like a while now. Have with all of my luck of checking on the Canna lilies, found out on the side of our front yard where the Canna lilies are at. There were a whole bundle of them.

Well lets get started with the information I found online of the species of this dragonfly. This species is a  (Erythemis simplicicollis) Eastern Pondhawk Dragonfly. From the research the color variation is different from male to female and this green variation means the one below is a female Eastern Pondhawk. Their region of living varies from North America and Central America, they are also very swift-predators of smaller Insect species 
She the dragonfly was quite friendly with the camera, for some odd reason. I did managed to take several photographs of her, but in the end I thought these two were the better ones out of them all. Mostly the one below, because of the Aperture effect and the position she was in. (It also looks like she's waving too you as well, since one of her legs are out.)

Next is the last two photographs and yes I know I'm going to make this blog post short. But I want to say this, I will make a bigger blog post after Wednesday which also is my Birthday. So since it's is my birthday I'm at a bit of a rush, that's why I don't want to make this a large post. I want to save that for next week.

So back to the blog post, on the day after taking the photo's of the dragonflies, there was a quick rain shower. There were quite a lot of Nimbostratus clouds moving out after the storm and the sky was clearing. While concurrently the sun was going down.
These clouds were as well on the other side of the road,  so doing so I had to maneuver myself in a position too where I could avoid taking any photographs of the neighboring houses. but in the end the results were pretty good, I think still though I should've had my ISO on a better level. The camera wasn't probably on the right setting either for that evening.
So mostly too me, there is a bit of an noise and fuzzy look to them. But I suppose their will do alright, since I still love the colors of the twilight mixing with the shading of the clouds. Well it is the end I hope have enjoyed the post this week and I'll be back later next week with a larger and different blog post hopefully.

Farewell everyone till then!

© Breann Kuhn; LadyannaVintage 2017 All Rights Reserved

Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dusk Fairies of the Mushrooms.

Hello everyone I hope your doing wonderful today! Once again I have a brand new photography blog post for you all today, but it's also a different kind of a photography post. Because I've got some artwork to go with them. Additionally since most of the photographs in this post are mushrooms and forest life, I thought this post would work as a trilogy to my older post about fairytales and fairies.

So why not have fairies to go with the mushroom photographs, on the account that in fairytales. "Fairies" are usually portrayed to live among these small fungi and use them as shelter. 
Additionally, I'm considering on having the moth fairy species In my fantasy story, "Pandora Shadows". Which I'll probably talk about the story, later on. But for now lets get back to the overall  blog post. 

Well following up, I once again caught a little creature with the camera. Just like the last post, from a week ago, I didn't actually thing I did catch this spider in the shot, being that it was quite quick. Also you want to know what the species is it the Rabidosa rabida (Rabid wolf spider).
This spider can be confused by the Agelenopsis (Grass spiders). For the reason, because their markings are quite similar to each other.

Now we are finally at the part where I talk about the mushrooms, just like I had mentioned at the first paragraph. These mushrooms first off are the first time I ever have seen these types in our backgarden. I guess their spores came from the last storms we had and I mean "storms" for a reason, it's been raining non stop lately.

Moving on the first mushroom, from what I can find from my research is a possible type of Bolete Mushrooms. I cant really give you the right answer for this species of fungi.
 The next mushroom however is even more harder to find anything out about them. I'm not quite sure weather it's the same Bolete Mushrooms type, like above. Since I'm no expert of the range of Fungi, I really cant be accrete to what they are. I suppose they do look similar, likewise the shape and structure, but also some of the bright red mushrooms today has lost their color and they look just like this one right here.
Well I know I've already have taken photographs of Speedwells before, but I saw more of them on the same day I took, the mushroom photographs and to me the balance of the old stump out in the front yard and the flowers, had a really nice feel to them, from my eye's anyway.
Here's the last photographs everyone and it's not as quite special then the others, but it is a new species of flower I've not taken in any photos of mine before. So what I can find about this Flower is that it might be a Foxglove Beardtongue or Tall White Beardtongue. I'm still looking in too this kind of flower and I'll probably give an update later on if I know, if this species is a Foxglove Beardtongue.
Well I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post this week and also I am most likely am going to make more of these moth species fairy designs in the future for myself. Because they were really fun to do and I think I'm a bit weird but I actually think moths (especially the fuzzy ones) are absolutely adorable. 

Like the one that was on my finger that one time. (Which will probably be my next fairy design.)
Nevertheless I hope you all as I always say, I hope you have a bright wonderful day and thank you. Farewell till next time!

© Breann Kuhn; LadyannaVintage 2017 All Rights Reserved