Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On the Family Road Trip.

Hello everyone hope your doing well and good today, welcome to this new blog post and a new spring layout! As my favorite style is vintage and flowers I wanted to give my blog a more settle soft look for the season.

But anyway back to the topic of this post, a few days ago we went on a trip that was probably only was going to be a short one, but with my Father anything can happen. Instead of just a trip around one town we usually go to, we actually went further that day.

We went to Arcadia, LA.

Which before in the past we did go through this town once, but never did we stop by to get any photographs. As I wasn't that big in to doing photography at that time, I never took any photos back then. Yet that's all in the past now, I've grown up to enjoy photography and I hope to stop by more little towns to find more hidden treasures like these down below.

This here is an old caboose, next to the original Depot of Arcadia that was built in 1908 and was served for passengers and freights carts. But in the present time it's now a museum and community center for the local people.
Along side the caboose I finally have a new species of flowers to get close shot photographs and while if you know me by now, I really love taking photos of flowers. Especially ones I've not seen close up before. Now what I believe from my Mother's help and the research I found. They might be Yellow and White Dog Roses.
One Dog Rose on it's own.
If you look at the picture above you might see a cute little Lady Bug!
Bundle of Dog roses.

Well we slowly getting closer to the end of this blog post, yet I still have just a bit more to say before saying goodbye. Anyhow I wanted for the longest time, was to get an photograph of a building so I could take it in too grayscale, well I finally did it with this trip to Arcadia.
Now here's the final set of photographs I took on that day, it's a mural of people walking down the street that's beside the building wall. Giving this look that the almost have this realistic feel to them as it makes them look like their really there.

I however with my research sadly I could not find the original artist of this mural anywhere and it's just a mystery in my head at the moment. But it's still a beautiful painting and I'll keep research about this piece as much as possible.
A lady walking down the street in her good dress and hat.
A man picking up the newspaper from the Paper Boy.

Hope you all enjoyed this and see you next time!

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Friday, March 24, 2017

Buzzing of the new Spring.

Hello everyone hope your doing well today, I've got new photographs from the past two weeks and beyond ready for you all to see and I hope you'll enjoy them.

Well starting off here's two photographs from a trip earlier last week by a local lake that's not to far from where we live. However it's been a while since we've gone by this lake as the road bridge to get by this area has be closed for some time now. But it re-opened recently so now we can go by the lake again anytime we decide too and also this time we actually stopped by it so I could have a chance to get some really great photo's.
Also, yes the photographs are in black and white once again and I do have the RAW versions which are in full color. But I felt like doing more practice in Photoshop with turning my photographs from color to grayscale. I'll probably show off the full colored versions on a different blog post later on, since I took more photographs than these two photo's of the lake and seagull flying past my head.
Now note this, the piece below wasn't from the same day by the lake, it was from last month and it's been sitting in a folder unfinished for some time, but I finished it in the end.
Oh and speaking of older photographs I still have some photos from a earlier time this month that I haven't showed in any blog post yet. So here's an Honey Bee that I managed to be brave enough to get down and take a close shot with this little guy, while using the Nikon DSLR camera.
Also on the same day I took another photo of  The Common Blue Violet with the DSLR.
Now with the last photo, in a way it's almost like a face reveal but instead it's my finger and this little cute Banded Tiger Moth, who I by accident I woke him up while I was taking out the weeds from the front yard for the spring.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring time for Birds.

 Hello everyone and welcome to the special dedicated bird blog. Also this blog has a new piece of artwork that goes with each photograph in the post, as I've neglected doing anything related to my artwork lately.

Well starting off, here's a little Junco up on the fence line, who didn't expect to see me laying down on the grass as I was trying to stay quite for the Cedar Waxwings to arrive. Since this Junco was cute I felt the little guy needed to be shown in the post. 
  Now talking about Cedar Waxwings, I'm going to say this now that there were a whole bunch of these Waxwings.
  There was so many Cedar Waxwings, they consumed all of the Holly berries from our Holly Bush. To the point, our other species of birds are kind of upset about it. But I'll make sure the birds will have some bird seed in their feeders.
Even though they devoured all of the berries, I'm glad I took the opportunity on getting these great shots of them all. Since they left the next day.
  Well for a final set of photographs, I wanted to take on some practice with taking in photos to Photoshop and converting them to monochrome. more or less for me to see the contrast between the color version and the black and white version.
  This piece above is from a while ago and I believe the bird is a Double Crested Cormorant.
But I'm not to sure, as it was far away from the hill side where I was, So it's my best guess for now.
  Now here is a Turkey Vulture that flied by over top our house while I was taking the photos of the Cedar Waxwings.

  Along with that, this is a couple from the group of Cedar Waxwings.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you again later!

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Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Butterfly of Wild.

Hello everybody and welcome back to another photography blog. I'm going to keep this post short, but it's going to be about the new and the old! As it pretty much throw back Thursday today for everyone, I'm going to show some old photographs from my earliest compact camera and new photographs from the new compact camera.

Newest Photographs from this day now.
Even though I was feeling sick the day this photograph was taken I managed to take this very lucky photo shot of a Tiger Butterfly, swooping over top of the neighbors Azaleas.
As well on the very same day, when going out to check the mail, I noticed that the Honeysuckles were blooming out, so I went back with my camera to get some shots.
Following up I'm finding more wildflowers are growing in the backgarden once again and what the research I could find in these were that they are, Japanese Mazus - Mazus pumilus.

Oldest photographs from years ago.
Now were getting on to the older photographs and I've decided to pick three older photographs from years ago and so we are going to start off with this photograph of a Seagull flying past in the sky. Since I'm quite fond of the formation of the clouds and how I managed to get the bird without it being to blurry.
Next here's a photograph I took on a road trip, to Natchitoches LA a few years ago and If you want to know what kind of geese these are. They are Chinese Geese, who are coming up from the river dock by the city.
Now ending this all up, is a photograph of three different kinds of Donkeys from a farm we use to go by often when we went on the backroads.

So hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post and I dear you Farewell.

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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Growing out in the Woodlands.

Hello welcome back everyone!
I'm coming back with new photographs from the backgarden, but also a special guest which is none other than my Sammy, The Indian Ringneck and this photo of him is quite different because I usually never get a shot of him, as he's pretty shy of the camera. However I think I'm getting Sammy use to it now, it just takes a lot of reassurance at first.
Sammy the Indian Ringneck Parakeet.

Well anyway moving on now, lets talk about the spring.  As the wildflowers are out in the backgarden now and I did also took some research in to these wildflowers as I never really had known the full names of these different species. Also If you want know each of the names, they will be underneath their rightful photo.

So hope you enjoy!

The Claytonia Virginica.

The False Garlic, Crowpoison

An unknown species of Fungi Mushrooms. (I'm at a pause with this, one?)

The False Garlic, Crowpoison with a spider dangling on, who I didn't know was there at first.

The Common Blue Violet

The Potentilla, Cinquefoil.

Oh! also I nearly forgot about this, It's a little mole who was out on a stroll just a few days ago! On the day while my Mother and Farther was out for an appointment, I was taking care of my usual chores, but when I looked out the backdoor window when I was sweeping,  I could see this little gray fuzz ball running around by the patio. 
So I went and grabbed my camera to take a shot of this fuzzy ball of cuteness!

Well farewell everyone, see you next time!

© Breann Kuhn; LadyannaVintage 2017 All Rights Reserved