Monday, December 19, 2016

Fairy-Tales and Fantasy

Welcome Everyone to my Fairy-tale and Fantasy Blog.

 Hello everyone hope your doing well, I finally got this blog post done and it's going to pretty much be an art topic, based on fairy-tales. As most of the pieces I've done recently have been in that type of topic. 

(Update) Oh and my big brother has a new blogpost up as well! It shows some pretty amazing Christmas lights, movies and some of his works. zakentertainment holiday-christmas-movies

Well anyway, above you can see some mushrooms, that I found in the backyard a few days ago and from my research I believe their possibly Stump Puffballs, which I think is a pretty cute name to them.

While I found those mushrooms in the backyard. Me along with my Mom thought of an idea, too take this opportunity to practice on still life with mushrooms. So I went online to find more types of mushrooms, that are not just the one type that was found in my backyard.

Now this piece is something I finished earlier on this week. It wasn't really intentional at first, but after finding the puffballs and doing the still life mushroom pieces. I think it goes really well with this topic as for in fairy tales, fairies would usually live with mushrooms.

Now the last piece is the possible concept design of  Lady. One of my characters who's one of the mane protagonists from a story i'm working on. I however am still at the drawing board with this design, so she might still look different from this when I'm done finishing the ref sheet for her.

So anyway, hope you enjoyed this fairy tale blog! I don't really have much to say, but hope you have a good day.

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Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Forest Girl { Step by step }

The tools I had used in this piece, was my Winsor&Newton Brushmarkers, Sakura Koi Watercolor Set, Micron Pigma pens, Generals white charcoal pencil, Artist loft brushes and mixed watercolor tubes.   

Part 1
Firstly I start out by drawing the under-base of my piece, with a Prismacolor dark brown colored pencil, then I went ahead and taped down the watercolor paper down. The tape that I'm using was a cheap blue duck tape, which I really thought did a lot better than artist grade masking tape.

Part 2
Next I get started on the background. as I do the background I worked on lightly, only using a small amount of paint and more water.  Also the colors I had used were, Three colors from my Artist loft set; Dark Green,Violet,Ultramarine Blue and my Koi watercolors were, Permanent Green Deep, and Olive Green.
Part 3
As I go Further on I work on her hair, skin and eyes, with her skin I use Jaune Brilliant with a mix of Quinacridona Rose for blush. Then I went over with my Brushmarkers to add some details. After a while I finally did her hair and eyes, which are just a mix of Light Red and Burnt Umber. (I had also did some line work over top with my fineliners and highlights with my White Charcoal and white gel pen.)

Part 4
Once I did the clothing part, It was a bit of a challenge to choose colors. Pretty much I used Burnt umber with my Quinacridona Rose, and Violet Purple just to get that fall like theme to her outfit.

Part 5
Now I start on the bark of the trees (Light red with Burnt umber) and the bramble bushes (Deep Green), I had also worked on more detailing like with her hair, background and her outfit.

Part 6
Then I go ahead and finished the foreground, by painting the grass, bushes, the birds and mushrooms.

 Part 7
Finally I work on the leaves on tree tops, while also finishing the final details, like the shadows, lighting and the smaller details that I may have forgotten about like one of the birds. 

The final piece.
I finished this on October 13, 2016 and scanned/edited on November 26, 2016. Well I hoped you enjoyed my first step by step and I hope to make more like these in the Future.

Hope you all have a lovely day !

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Friday, December 2, 2016

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