Friday, April 6, 2018

Returning Back from the Winter.

Hello everyone, I hope your doing great and welcome back to the weekly blog post. This week is about different flower photographs I had taken last week before our severe rain storms came in. I'm also saying that because all of these flowers didn't make it after the storm, a lot fell out of their bushes with the heavy rain. So I'm glad I did get photo shots of many I could take. 

Well firstly our neighbors Azaleas bushes bloomed again this year and they were in large bundles. These are Autumn Jewel Azalea's and from the last time I had taken photographs of these flowers it was in February. So this bloom of azaleas are actually late for the new year. 
But even if they were late this year it was nice to see them just before the weather had changed; It was a good opportunity while I had it and with my newer lens and skill level this year I got different  shots compared to last year's photographs.
Furthermore for the first time in quite a while our Pink Lady Indian Hawthorn bushes in our backyard bloomed. Well It the first for me anyway to see them in such a big blossom, I think there was a growth last year; however there weren't enough to survive. 
This bush being very woody and small, I didn't even think they would grow any flowers. So having them around for a week or two with the Azaleas was pretty nice as well.
It defiantly had made the yards look very beautiful while they were blossoming and it was wonderful having them around for their short time.
Lastly I hope everyone has a wonderful day and evening, also this weeks blog post did ended up once again on the weekend due too my busy schedule and I want to apologize for that. But also we had a power outage two day's ago from the rain storm I've been talking about, which cut out one of my usual editing blog drafts day's.

Anyway goodbye till next week and I hope you enjoyed this weekly blog post.

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