Thursday, March 8, 2018

Blooming of the new Spring: part one.

Hello everybody I'm back from a week hiatus I had taken for myself as I've been feeling burned out lately. Well anyway here's a mix photography blog post for today and it's from the past week or so while I took the break. 
So actually taking a break for a week, did help as It gave me a chance to find the time too look for something to photograph in my area of field. Well anyway with this first batch of photographs I've got here; are of the Virginia Spring Beauty's flowers that were growing across our front yard. This photograph here also has the butterfly species, Banded Hairstreak on the Virginia Spring Beauty. 
There is also this long-shot of the same flowers near a puddle of water that was laying in the water ditch, since it did rain heavily a few days prior taking these photographs. Which having the puddle there gave this shot a nice look to the background as the sky was reflecting on the water's surface.
Next photographs are from near by the mail box at the end of our drive way; these Henbit Deadnettle's flowers were covering that ground area. However at first researching the name of this flower species was very confusing, because at first I thought they were "Ground Ivy" as they were so similar to each other.  
But those two kinds are both part of the same mint family, their just different kinds of mint flowers that's all. Furthermore the Henbits were really beautiful as they gave the yard a nice purple tone while they were still there.
Moving on to the last two photographs, here is some night-time photo's from the night before the moon sighting called the Full Worm Moon. I didn't at first knew that the first day of March was a special full moon, so I only went out on the 28th of February to see the moon. Mostly because while out with the dogs I noticed how the sky was still bright and the moon was already raised.
So the day before the full moon sighting had been a better opportunity on that night. Also this is the last photograph for today's blog post sadly, but I'm making this weeks a two part blog. That means next week with be some of the extra photographs I had taken in the past two weeks!
Well I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post today and do hope you all have a wonderful evening everyone, goodbye till next time.

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