Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Wildlife From the Backyard.

Hello everyone, I hope your doing lovely this week. I've got Thursdays blog post up today and once again it's my usual nature/wildlife photography. So I have these photographs here from a practice photographs I did a few weeks ago with "the tripod" outside in our backyard. 
This practice photograph was to see if I could get shots of our local wildlife with the camera on the tripod near by the feeder, however it didn't turn out the way I wanted to do in the end. because I thought about using my camera remote to take the photographs from afar, but by time I had set up the camera and got outside. I found out that the battery wasn't working on the camera's remote.
So instead of taking a step back away from the camera and taking the photo with the remote, I had to pretty much hide and crotch myself behind the tripod while taking the shot of who ever came to the feeder. Which for most who wasn't really noticing I was there was the Eastern Gray Squirrels that we have living in our trees. But I also had a little Black Capped Chickadee turn up many times to the bird feeder before the squirrels had came around.
But mostly the squirrels kept me in company, they stayed around the most in till I needed to go back inside and even though I was cramped behind my tripod, It was definitely worth it by staying there watching them turn up to the bird feeder.
Well for the final photographs, the common Grackles came back to the front side of our yard and this time they weren't all crazy and running around everywhere. So I had the chance of getting shots through the kitchen window of these two Grackles standing next to each other.
While also getting this photograph of one solo Grackle prowling the ground for bugs and seed with the others. It was actually nice to get some decent shots of them before they left again. As I was really hoping to get photographs of their colorful feather caps.
So I hope you enjoyed this weeks blog post and I see'll you around later on! Thank you and goodbye-

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