Friday, February 2, 2018

The Cat of The Evening.

Hello everyone I hope your doing wonderful today. Well I've got another blog post for this week and this time it is a photography blog. Just like I had promised last week, when I showed my artwork piece.
So this weeks photographs are from home and these first batches are from two days ago when I took the dogs out in the morning. "Ginger" our local neighborhood cat was on the fence line that day while I was out their. However I think he did realize that he couldn't jump down in our yard from the fence, because of the dogs. 
So Ginger stayed on the post long enough for me to take the dogs back in and grab my camera for some photographs, since he doesn't really mind me being there at. Ginger was quite content with the situation for a short time but, after I had left him alone and went inside; he got up to go back to his own home.
But it's still nice to see him every so often, It just sometimes he can turn up at the most random moments in the day and night.
Moving on from our neighborhood "Ginger" cat, I've got two photographs from a raining day just a few days before I took those photographs of Ginger. So firstly here's a photograph of a squirrel up in this old dead tree. The little guy wasn't to afraid of me, so It wasn't hard getting a good photograph of the squirrel. 
Lastly I have this quick, slightly blurred photograph of a bundle of Common Grackles. this shot was taken through the kitchen window, so that is the reason why it's not in the best quality; but also these flock of birds were moving everywhere. They were in a very large group, by almost in the hundreds.  Also I didn't realize the amount of noise Grackles can make as well I didn't think we were going to get that many moving in to the woods of our neighborhood.
Well I do hope you enjoyed this post and sorry that it is on a Friday this time, I've been busy with an online class I'm taking right now and just some family business.

But I hope your doing great and goodbye for now!

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