Thursday, June 22, 2017

The Summer Sunflower Trail.

Hello everyone, I'm glad to say welcome back to another photography/art blog post today. I'm also saying it like that because the blog post comes with a piece of artwork and photography both together as one post once again like I've done before in the past.

 Well anyway the watercolor artwork piece in this post was done with my newest set of art supplies; which are the "Winsor&Newton Cotman Pocket Plus Set" and the "Fluid Cold Press Watercolor Paper". By the way I'll tell you that I do really love the watercolor paint set and the paper. The paints are quite vibrant in their colors and they give a really nice texture on the cold press paper.

Also If want to know the materials which I used in this piece. They were Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolors, mixed brands of colored pencils, Sakura white gelly-roll pen, decorative chalk pastels and General's white charcoal.
Furthermore on this blog post, here is the mane inspiration of this watercolor piece. The Sunflower photographs had that I had taken from our trip to the Sunflower fields from Gilliam, LA. Anyway on June 17th,  my family and I went on our usual trip around town. We did go to a local car show that day as well and if you wish to know more about that show you can go to my Brothers blog post he had put up on Monday. (Cobras, Chevys and Custom Cars, Oh My!)
(Also this piece above isn't from dusk time, It's was actually from day time like the rest. I was just working around in Photoshop.)

Additional from the last sentence, I did not expect after the car show that we were going towards the sunflower trail on that same day. But at least I had luck to bring the DSLR Nikon camera with me so I didn't miss out on this opportunity. Because this was completely worth the trip to the sunflower trail!
This also was my first time I probably can remember ever seeing Sunflowers in large fields. So that made me quite joyful on that day. But also someone don't know who, made a really silly and sweet smile on one of the flowers. Which made me laugh and feel even more happier.
With the same photograph, here's a closer look of the smiling sunflower. From that I also forgot to note from the beginning of this blog. The photographs I took have been worked on in Photoshop Elements. Likewise the first photo isn't then same like the original, I made it look like the sun was going down, but it was actually still daylight.
I did it as just an experiment on that piece. But the rest of the photographs are barely different from their Raw Image, Only minor contrast and color saturation change was done on them.
Well we are getting close to the end of this blog post and I don't have really much else too say, so here's the three close up photographs of the sunflowers. that I had loved the most. All of the three sunflower photographs go by from the courter side, center point and side part of each other.
Also the "courter side" sunflower has a little insect on the center part of the flower. I don't actually know this time what type of bug it is. But I guess it's probably part of the "Long-horned Beetle Family" from what I could find.
For the end I want to say I hope you've enjoyed this blog post this week and hopefully in the following weeks I will bring you more amazing blog post.

Thank you so much for you support and I hope you all are going to have an amazing week today! Farewell everyone till next time.

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