Friday, April 27, 2018

Flying over the Sunset.

Hi everyone, I hope your week had gone pretty well! So for the weekend I've got the weekly photography blog post. Also this time this blog post it has simple photographs that I've taken while going out on errands for the past couple of weeks. So hope you do enjoy and thank you for sticking around.
Well firstly here is a photograph from a local lake not far from our neighborhood there were a Canadian Goose family there. With six baby duckling in total along with a mother and father, they were feeding together near by the lake while we had drove by on our way to the destination we were going too.

Next on another day about a week before the day we saw that Goose family, after coming back from an art gallery showing I wanted to go and see. Me along with my older brother took the country road home as it was a Friday evening and it was pretty heavy on that day far as people on the roads. 
So I did get some photograph shots along the back roads, as we drove by some of the farm fields and by the river. Which I speaking of the rive here is this not so bad photo shot of this dead tree that was standing right in the open middle just in front of the river.
Now lastly I've got this photograph of the river again from when we drove near by the levee, I took the shot directly where the sun was going down so It gave this cool shaded effect as the sun was beaming through the trees. 
So I hope everyone enjoyed this weeks photography blog post and are having a wonderful day! Goodbye till next time, everyone.

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Thursday, April 19, 2018

The Hummingbird Frenzy.

Hi everyone. I hope your doing great today, well I've finally manged to get a proper scheduling of having the blog post on a Thursday again and this weekly blog post is about a flock of different Hummingbirds that have arrived in recent time.
Hope you all enjoy this blog post; so starting off I want to show the set up of our two new hummingbird feeders that we've gotten for the new year. We wanted to get the hummingbirds new feeders, since there were so many of them turning up this year. Also we hanged the feeders up by our kitchen window so we could see them fly by everyday.
Furthermore we also made homemade nectar for the Hummingbirds. Which is a simple recipe of "1 part sugar to 4 parts water". Following in the recipe is to boil the water first. 'We used a electric kettle to heat up the water quicker'. Then mixing the sugar in to the boiling water in till it's dissolved and letting it cool down for a while before putting it in the feeders. 
Also with these two feeders here being only an 8 oz humming feeders the mix was-
2 1/2 cups of water and 2/3 cups of sugar. (Some was left over, but we used it to re-fill one of the feeders later.)
This is much more a easy and inexperience way then buying store brand nectar for the Hummingbird feeders and this one simple recipe I had found out you can find on many different websites like, and Smithsonian's National Zoo, along with my other places if you just search up hummingbird nectar recipes 

--------Photographs of the Hummingbirds--------
Well anyway I don't have many good photographs of the different hummingbirds as of right now. But I've picked out the best ones I had manged to get and liked the most. So firstly we've got here is a female Ruby-throated Hummingbird, perching on a low tree branch of a tree that's right near the feeders and our kitchen window. She also does have a mate with her I believe, since I've seen him fly around by the feeder many times already. (however I haven't been able to get a photo shot of him as he keeps flying away every time he see me at the window.)
But the female Ruby-throated Hummingbird doesn't really mind me being near by at all, she just usually perches around by where the feeder is on that same kind of branch; waiting for her chance to get to the feeder for some food.
Lastly I've got this other photograph of another Hummingbird, but this one I can't find the proper species name for it's kind.  It does have this tiny bit of orange marking under it's beak and it's smaller than the other hummingbirds, so I guess this one could by a juvenile Hummingbird. 

However right now I can't really find out more about this one Hummingbird and I'm just going to have to leave it, without a name.

I hope everyone had enjoyed this weekly blog post and I do hope everyone has a amazing day and week! Goodbye and I'll see you next week-

Also I forgot to mention but, I'm sorry for not getting a blog post up last week. I was busy with personal reasons and once again we went through a third power outage; because another severe storm had blown right in to our area.

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Friday, April 6, 2018

Returning Back from the Winter.

Hello everyone, I hope your doing great and welcome back to the weekly blog post. This week is about different flower photographs I had taken last week before our severe rain storms came in. I'm also saying that because all of these flowers didn't make it after the storm, a lot fell out of their bushes with the heavy rain. So I'm glad I did get photo shots of many I could take. 

Well firstly our neighbors Azaleas bushes bloomed again this year and they were in large bundles. These are Autumn Jewel Azalea's and from the last time I had taken photographs of these flowers it was in February. So this bloom of azaleas are actually late for the new year. 
But even if they were late this year it was nice to see them just before the weather had changed; It was a good opportunity while I had it and with my newer lens and skill level this year I got different  shots compared to last year's photographs.
Furthermore for the first time in quite a while our Pink Lady Indian Hawthorn bushes in our backyard bloomed. Well It the first for me anyway to see them in such a big blossom, I think there was a growth last year; however there weren't enough to survive. 
This bush being very woody and small, I didn't even think they would grow any flowers. So having them around for a week or two with the Azaleas was pretty nice as well.
It defiantly had made the yards look very beautiful while they were blossoming and it was wonderful having them around for their short time.
Lastly I hope everyone has a wonderful day and evening, also this weeks blog post did ended up once again on the weekend due too my busy schedule and I want to apologize for that. But also we had a power outage two day's ago from the rain storm I've been talking about, which cut out one of my usual editing blog drafts day's.

Anyway goodbye till next week and I hope you enjoyed this weekly blog post.

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