Wednesday, December 13, 2017

The Seasons of the Holidays.

Hello everyone, hope your doing well today. This week's blog post is here and it's going to be the last one in till after Christmas as I mentioned before. Now I'm going to say some of these photographs aren't in very good focus nor are there many here, I thought they looked fine on the camera, but they just don't seem to be the best on the laptop. 
Well firstly these are all from our new Christmas tree and that makes this post a holiday theme, which with that this is also the first year in while to actually have a tree up. it's also a white tinsel tree with different colored lights. These photographs are from when we just had put it up on the table, so I don't have any photo's at the moment with the ornaments on the tree.
But the ornaments are our personal family items and I just wanted too show the photographs I have without the full tree of ornaments. Furthermore these photographs, I was working and trying to use the manual mode of my camera with the new lens. 
The manual mode is still a learning curve for myself, as with the older lens I couldn't really get the hang of it. However with the newer lens there something new with it that makes it a lot easier for taking photographs. Because the new lens actually has a manual focus ring; the lens that came with the Nikon D60 did not have that option.
It's also the mane reason why there is some out of focus shots in these photo's, as it was my own manual focusing. So I'll try and practice more with manual mode as the new year starts, I want next year to be the year where I work harder on my photography and improve more with what I've already started.
 This is the end of the blog post and I know it's not much as I usually show, since it's only photographs of the same theme which is the white tree in close up shots. But I wanted to keep this week very simple as I won't be doing anymore posts in till at least the 28th of this month or possibly the 4th of January. 

Well I hope you enjoyed the post even though it was short the next blog post will be longer than this one, next time. So merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone! I'll see you again by the beginning of the new year.

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Saturday, December 9, 2017

Seven Days of Nature Photography.

Hello everyone hopefully your doing wonderful today. I've got the photography blog post and it's for a Saturday this time due to this photograph challenge I've been doing over these seven days. On Facebook I was nominated by my mother to do this seven day nature photography challenge. This blog post will consist with landscape and wildlife, they've been from the past couple of weeks. So anyway let's get started shall we.
Firstly the photograph to start this blog post is a river scene from a city park by the Red River, LA. This was from when my older brother and myself went on a trip out about a few week ago. 

While the next photograph is from another area in our area, which is Cypress Bayou Lake. Funny thing as well about this photograph, I actually took the photo through the window of our moving car. Taking the shot I didn't really think I was going to get anything, however with my learning curve with the shutter speed. I've kinda figured out how to get the right settings down when I need too.
Furthermore here is a night-time photograph, from a few night ago where we had a supermoon. The cold moon, one of the last supermoon of this year was on December 3, 2017. While many saw it in a much larger scale, here in Louisiana, it wasn't that close. nevertheless, taking my focal length to 200mm and having my exposure right. I manged to get a decent shot of the moon. With this photograph, I was really happy how it came out, because I don't often get a good night-time shot.  
On the next photograph. I have another shot through a window, but this time at home. When I was looking outside for any packages I noticed there was a Northern Mockingbird standing on the branch of our tree outside. This bird I often find outside by the front door all the time; I don't know whether it's the same one every time. However from it's behavior being out by the front door, there might be a possibility it's the same one as always.  
With that Northern mockingbird, I've got a photograph from the exact same day with another bird species. This blue jay, who had a bath from the water-feeder, was quite content with me being outside under the tree by our house. So I got my camera from the house and took a shot of the blue jay while it was preening their feathers.
The final two photographs will consist with flowers and a butterfly. First here is a Sulphur Butterfly, on a yellow daisy like flower at a city/park garden, that I went to about a month ago with my older brother again. It's was the only butterfly that would stay still enough for me to take a shot in this garden, because all the rest which were "Viceroy Butterfly's"; Were flying around and chasing each other.
Then here is the last photograph with our azalea flower bush, which suddenly bloomed out of know where in the middle of our first frost of the season. I didn't really think that it was going to bloom, but now there is now a whole bunch of buds turning up in the flower bush.

Well I hope this blog post was alright and I'm also sorry for the late posting this week, but i'll catch up in the next weeks ahead. Thank you and farewell till next time!
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All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017