Wednesday, August 23, 2017

The Still Life Photography Studies.

Hello everyone welcome back to the blog today! This weeks photography blog post, is on a Thursday instead of my usual Tuesday posting; however I still have prepared this blog with photographs from the past few weeks to add up for doing it today.

Well the photographs on this posting are still life for this time. I've been studying and practicing with different prop objects for photo shoots; these objects consist of things I've collected over the years, food displays and home appeals. 

Starting with that here the first photograph of this cluster of seashells. The cluster was found back on a vacation trip to the beach when I was younger, we all went down to Galveston, Texas. It's one of mine special gifts from that trip to the beaches off the coast. I've kept it safe all these years so I thought It would be nice to show it in this blog post with the other still life photographs.
I placed it on top of some silk deep blue fabric as a backdrop. I actually liked the color choice with using the blue as the background, it goes well pearlescent cream color of the seashells. 

Furthermore on the next day I wanted to take more still life shots. So I looked around for some items in the bedroom. Which lead me towards my old origami lucky stars that I had made about three years ago. These lucky stars were perfect for taking photographs as each all had different color variation. 

I'd additionally also added them over top one of my white canvas with some plastic beads. I placed them in random order so they looked more in a natural messy state then being in a tidy placement. 
I felt it was nicer in this was as then the other ones I had taken photographs on that day.
The next photograph however is in the state of a more orderly form. I had placed each colored lucky star in a somewhat rainbow pattern on the canvas board. I tried to get the shadows under the stars so there wasn't any harsh shadows in the photo shot and I think it turned out alright.
Next, there is the photograph of the clock from our living room. The time the photo was taken It was at late midnight so it will explain the reason for the darker tone of this photograph. Which with that, there was a slight reflection because of being in lower lighting and there was noise as well. But I managed to slightly fix the issue of them both.
The other photographs now are the food photography I was taking about at the first statement. The photo down below was food items before they were chopped up for a really wonderful vegetable spaghetti. Along with that, my mother helped with an idea of using our LED flashlight as a secondary light source.
Further on, I actually liked the lighting and shadows in this photo with the use of the flashlight it works quite well as an extra light flash for photography. So I think I'll use it more later on with the photography I will take.
Now lastly the photograph here with my breakfast of fruits. I wanted to take photos of the bundle, because of the colors and how they would look together.the composition of the colors were quite well enough with each other so I'd thought I would slide this one in for a last moment photograph.
Well I'm sure this posting was well for everyone, it was different from before. I will be showing more as the time goes, so look forward to that.
Now just before this ending of the post, I want to make an announcement. I've now with my artwork have taken a further level by opening up the official Art Store. 
The store has two of my watercolor art piece up for now. This exclusive flower piece above called Symphony Roses. Along with also The Sunflower Girl piece from this posting from a while back. I go by my title name "LadyAnnaVintage" and the art store is on Redbubble, so there will be tons of different product their from, Art prints, Mugs, Notebook and much more. If you support my artwork please, have a look at the art store which will be right down below. Also there is an app for Redbubble on ITunes so you can see it on mobile better.

LadyAnnaVintage Art Store.

Along with that statement my oldest brother has a store on Rebubble as well, It has his artwork, title logo and much more. Show if you want to go and see you can go here, to see the products he has to share to everyone. 

ZAKEntertains Art Store.

Thank you so much for the support everyone it really means a lot to me for everything. I hope you all have a wonderful day and I'll see next time! Farewell.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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