Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Lakeside Travel.

Hello everyone I hope you doing very well today and I have another photography blog post of some views from a lake trip, a week ago. However before we go and see on to these photographs, I have a announcement to make. Recently not long ago I had joined on to a photography contest, even though

I was quite nervous about doing the whole thing, I did in the end. This contest is being hosted on The Weather Channel and the photo contest is all about nature, weather and adventure. It's open to everyone from professionals, hobbyist and anyone who loves the nature and photography. Since I truly do love nature and photography the most. I had decided to join in with everyone else and shared one of my favorite photographs from a while back. Which is the photograph of the butterfly on the dandelion from this blog post. 

Anyway the voting for the contest is going on right now and I wanted to share to everyone about it. So here's the link, Butterfly and The Dandelion. If this link doesn't work for you go and look in the voting list and then type in the same title, "Butterfly and the Dandelion". 
Also I want say as well that my older brother has a blog post, that's from our lakeside trip. If you want to see his video and photographs you can see the blog post right here.
Well everyone now, here's the photographs for today's blog post and it's mostly lake photographs as just the blog title had said. Firstly when we got to the lake earlier last week, I went down to the other side of the bay. I usually don't end up going down there, mostly because I've have been nervous to adventure more out.

However this time I did walk out further near the lake bay and when I got their, looking around as I'd  had set up the camera and seeing what was around. I saw through the tall water grass there was some turtles laying on the tree logs, but also right there with the turtles. Was a white boat house by the lake and I thought that was a perfect photograph at that moment.  
Furthermore with the white boat house. On the other side of the lake bay, off in the distance there was a boating dock as well. I additionally wanted to take a photographs of that and while doing so. I had also quite loved the reflection of the Cypress trees and clouds on the lake surface.

So I thought it was a perfect time to take some photographs. However I did find when we got back home I'd not noticed that many of the photographs weren't the best as I thought. Some were overexposed by the sun, out of focus and off angled. But nevertheless, I still had enough good ones to show in this photography blog today. Likewise the one below, with the Lakeview straight across; I felt had a pretty good perspective with the sky and water.

Well anyway, I have one last little photograph for today and it may not be from the lake as it was from our backgarden. I still wanted to show this one photograph to everyone. This is a photograph I took near some ground Ivy in our yard. It also had a little guest as well; it had a Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus) on one of the Ivy leaves.

It was a cute little fella and I don't often see this species around the backgarden So It was nice to spot him/her. But with that statement lately since I've starting the photography journey, I have been discovering more stuff just around me that I never really noticed before.
It's a small start but, I feel like I'm getting somewhere with my photography in these past few months and I hope as the time goes on, I'll experience and learn more with the photography I'm doing.

Well I hope you are doing wonderful today and I'll see everyone till net time! Thank you so much for your support on this journey ahead.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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