Tuesday, August 15, 2017

From The Rain to The Sunshine.

Hello everyone I hope you are doing well today. I've got a new photography blog and it's some photographs from the past few days. So I hope you do enjoy and let's get started with the blog post.
Well starting off, I have some photographs here from a trip last weekend. On Saturday we were out for the usual errands of that day. The weather was a staying still for a while with just the clouds, however by the time it had arrived for us to go home. The rain started to poor down heavy on the way back. 
While the rain storm was going on, it started to get darker as the evening was ending and the clouds were covering across the sky. looking outside the car window I could see that the rain was pouring down raindrops on the window. So I thought I would try and capture the essence of the weather by taking photographs on our way back home.
This method of taking shots of the raindrops on the glass while the car was moving was pretty difficult for me to pull off. The movement of the vehicle and trying to get the camera to not focus straight out of the window wasn't in my favor. But nevertheless I still managed to pull a few photographs from that day and there quite alright.
Moving on with the blog post. With the next day after the storm, we needed to trim of some branches away from the roof of our house. While cleaning up the piles of branches on the other side of the fence, there was something different than I've seen before in our yard. There was a very unusual plant on the fence line that wasn't our own. This "grass like plant" from what I could gather is (Liriope muscari) Lilyturf or Border Grass

It's flower part of the plant are quite lovely looking so, I think it will be a nice little addition to the side of our fence. Also the photograph below of the flower bundle, wasn't from that day it was actually from the day afterwards when I went and checked back on it. Because I wanted to know whether the bulbs were going to open or not.
This photograph right down here was from the day, I did had found the mystic plant. Which the flower bulbs were still closed up on that day, just before the one photograph above. 
Additionally there was also a White mushroom outside in the backgarden as well. It turned up just after the storm had blew through from our area. It only lasted within a day, but I'm glad I took the time to take the photograph before it disappeared.
Furthermore there was a female Red Bellied Woodpecker. On the oak tree in the yard, which this photograph was from about a week ago. I however didn't mange to take the male woodpecker as he had moved ahead from the tree branch. But my mother took a recording and with the edit help from my older brother, made a video of the woodpecker couple being really adorable and sweet. You can see it right here.
Lastly I have a quick photograph of this very large dragonfly. I however didn't like the whole color scheme of the photo, so it ended up being monochrome instead in the end.
Well I do hope your doing well today and I see you till next time with another new photography blog that will be about still life/Fine art photography.

Farewell everyone!

All Photo's rightfully belong to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017

Tuesday, August 8, 2017

The Lakeside Travel.

Hello everyone I hope you doing very well today and I have another photography blog post of some views from a lake trip, a week ago. However before we go and see on to these photographs, I have a announcement to make. Recently not long ago I had joined on to a photography contest, even though

I was quite nervous about doing the whole thing, I did in the end. This contest is being hosted on The Weather Channel and the photo contest is all about nature, weather and adventure. It's open to everyone from professionals, hobbyist and anyone who loves the nature and photography. Since I truly do love nature and photography the most. I had decided to join in with everyone else and shared one of my favorite photographs from a while back. Which is the photograph of the butterfly on the dandelion from this blog post. 

Anyway the voting for the contest is going on right now and I wanted to share to everyone about it. So here's the link, Butterfly and The Dandelion. If this link doesn't work for you go and look in the voting list and then type in the same title, "Butterfly and the Dandelion". 
Also I want say as well that my older brother has a blog post, that's from our lakeside trip. If you want to see his video and photographs you can see the blog post right here.
Well everyone now, here's the photographs for today's blog post and it's mostly lake photographs as just the blog title had said. Firstly when we got to the lake earlier last week, I went down to the other side of the bay. I usually don't end up going down there, mostly because I've have been nervous to adventure more out.

However this time I did walk out further near the lake bay and when I got their, looking around as I'd  had set up the camera and seeing what was around. I saw through the tall water grass there was some turtles laying on the tree logs, but also right there with the turtles. Was a white boat house by the lake and I thought that was a perfect photograph at that moment.  
Furthermore with the white boat house. On the other side of the lake bay, off in the distance there was a boating dock as well. I additionally wanted to take a photographs of that and while doing so. I had also quite loved the reflection of the Cypress trees and clouds on the lake surface.
So I thought it was a perfect time to take some photographs. However I did find when we got back home I'd not noticed that many of the photographs weren't the best as I thought. Some were overexposed by the sun, out of focus and off angled. But nevertheless, I still had enough good ones to show in this photography blog today. Likewise the one below, with the Lakeview straight across; I felt had a pretty good perspective with the sky and water.
There was also some other photoshoots of the cypress trees that I had taken as well. I'd decided they had a better look to them in black and white; Being that, the original colors looked off to me I wanted to change it to black and white just for the shadows and lighting.
Both were done differently, in different styles of Monochrome.  The one above I tried to give a look more of a mix with Sepia and the other one down below to look more like normal black and white.  
I usually like to do a few black and white photographs every once in a while, just to have a bit of change in my works. So every so often, I will show a few photographs that are in Monochrome just for everyone.
Well anyway, I have one last little photograph for today and it may not be from the lake as it was from our backgarden. I still wanted to show this one photograph to everyone. This is a photograph I took near some ground Ivy in our yard. It also had a little guest as well; it had a Gray Hairstreak Butterfly (Strymon melinus) on one of the Ivy leaves.

It was a cute little fella and I don't often see this species around the backgarden So It was nice to spot him/her. But with that statement lately since I've starting the photography journey, I have been discovering more stuff just around me that I never really noticed before.
It's a small start but, I feel like I'm getting somewhere with my photography in these past few months and I hope as the time goes on, I'll experience and learn more with the photography I'm doing.

Well I hope you are doing wonderful today and I'll see everyone till net time! Thank you so much for your support on this journey ahead.

All Photo's rightfully belong to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017

Thursday, August 3, 2017

The Arches Watercolor paper Review.

  Hello everyone I do hope you’re doing quite alright this week, I have a new blog post today and the post this time is going to be dedicated to another art review like before. Furthermore with saying that, this art review today is going to be about the Arches watercolor paper  which is quite well known in the art industry, for being one of the better and higher qualities of paper. 

----------The Art Review---------
   Additionally the Arches Watercolor Paper is 100% cotton material and it can come in three different types which is rough, hot-press and cold-press paper.  If you do want to know more about the types of watercolor paper I'm talking about, I’ve got an interesting article right here for you too seeAlso with the Arches paper it does as well come in different forms like full paper boards, blocks and watercolor pads.
  Onward through in this blog post, I want to discuss about what I think about the paper itself. So firstly I truly do love the feel and texture of this paper. This being cold-pressed it has this slight rough tooth to the whole watercolor paper. Since this does have that kind of tough tooth, it can hold the watercolor paints quite easily. But it can also handle heavy doses of water without the paper from rippling to much as the result of the water.

  Further on, I think for what the Arches paper is worth for the quality and texture it is pretty great. I'll tell you the truth I didn't have any problem with this type of paper when painting either. The only thing that is a bother is the price of the paper. It's not the highest priced I've seen in the market but, the paper does vary around the prices of $14.00 to $19.07. Some places even can be higher that I know of as well, but sometimes if your looking for the decent quality of materials, you'll need to pay a bit extra for the product.

However if your looking for one place to find them in that price range I had said, I'd recommend for the best deal in finding this product of paper from the store, Blick. Which you can find here.

---------------------------Art Supplies---------------------------
  Moving on with the blog post I want to give a small list of what art martials I used for this piece and I also want to say thank you so much to my mother for letting me use the Arches watercolor paper for this blog today! 
-So anyway here's the list-
1. Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolors.
2.PaperMate Mirado BlackWarrior 2HB Graphic pencil.
3.Rose Art colored pencils.
4.Winsor&Newton Cotman Round Brushes and Royal Taklon Flat Brushes.
5. Sakura White Gelly roll pen.

---Step By Step---
  Well here we are at the final part of the blog post and I'm also going to keep this very shorter than what's written above. This area is going to be about the process of the piece I did on the Arches watercolor paper. So I hope your fine with that.

So starting off, I did draw out a sketch in my sketchbook before doing this. However I didn't want to show the first sketch as it was quite messy in my opinion. The final sketch on the watercolor paper looks much better and I added more to the whole concept, I wanted to do this concept as one of my lady characters out in the woodlands. additionally in the end, I was quite pleased with the results.
  Next, I had a problem with the photographs I took of one the following step after the photo above. I didn't realize that they were very out of focus, before I stared working on the piece again the next day. So there is a big skip from the two step and I'm really so sorry for that. 

  Nevertheless with the missing part It wasn't much at all, It was mostly just the part where I did the background heavy wash. With the watercolor paint mixes of cerulean blue for the sky and a light mix of sap green and hooker's deep green for the grass and trees.

  This part down below goes on towards, the tree bark and heavy bushes. I also wanted to make the bushes to have more of a over grown look and have brambles sticking out from the bushes behind the tree. Additionally the paint I used for that tree bark was the mixes of burnt sienna, burnt umber and lamp black.

Next I took care of the grass foliage, by adding more details in certain areas. The shadows underneath the trees and her dress, along with the grass blades I used sap green and hookers deep green. The same paints I used for the under based layer. 

I also worked on her dress as well, with a light wash mix of Ultramairne for the underbase and outer details. Violet and Viridian Green for the flower patterns.
Further, the start of working on her hair had begun with the use of Burnt Sienna and Burnt Umber. But along with the process of her hair I added some gray barked trees and some white brambles in the background with the White Gelly roll pen. 

The next part, on the next day I worked on the other tree on the right side with the same mixes as before. This step doesn't have much difference except for the grey tree leaves in the background.

Then I added the tree leaves on the right side tree once again with the same mixes as before. While I also added the two butterfly's, both used by the paints Violet and Ultramarine. Additionally the lady's skin as well I did with my Sakura koi paints which was, Jaune Brilliant.
  Finally I finished the piece with some colored pencil for the last details and took the tape off. After finishing it, I decided to take a photoshoot of the piece on the day after using the colored pencils on the watercolor artwork.
Also here's the full piece when scanned in the laptop as well, so you can see the details more. I hope you will be pleased by the results as much as I do.
  Well we are at the end of the blog post, so I hope you did enjoy and I hope you have a wonderful weekend. Farewell till next time and Thank you so much for the support! It means so much to me for everything.

All Photo's rightfully belong to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017