Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Scenic of the Backgarden.

Hello Everyone I hope your doing quite well today and welcome back to the blog! This weeks photography blog post is dedicated to some older and newer pieces that were hidden with the folders in my laptop, that I completely forgot I had taken them.
I'm also properly going to make more of these types of shorter photography blog post just like this one as well, to keep this blog at a steady pace. I do also want to make the next few months till the end of this year, a time to practice with my photography and improve with my skills.  

Well let's now go further on with today's blog. So this piece right down below also is some type of wheat I suppose? I'm not really quite sure about the whole plant species but it's does look like a type of wheat to me. Also the time this was taken, the grass in the yard was just growing back out after being dormant for the winter. So that was the last time I saw this plant before we started to cut the grass back down again.
Next the photograph down below is from the same day of the wheat plant, which these flowers in this photo are The False Garlic as well. The contrast of the flowers and the white fence was quite nice in
the raw image, however I felt like changing up on my post processing in Photoshop. So with the background I pretty much turned it took almost complete pitch black. 
I did also do the same with this piece, by making the background darker as in addition to that as well. The piece following up, is from the same day after coming home from the sunflower fields back in June. Which you can find more about that at this post here.
Furthermore the one reason I quite loved this photograph the most is that when I took the shoot in black and white the whole details in Sunflower came out more and with a bit of post process, by darkening the background and lighting out the foreground I think it turned out pretty great!

Also there was a spider stow away from when we cut down some of the free sunflower that were their at that time. I'm not quite sure what species it is, but in the end I let him/her back out in the wild on our bushes in the backgarden.
Later on in recent time, I have two more photographs I want to show for the end of this post. 
Anyway, the photograph here is from a sunset a few days ago, that was outside in the front yard.
I had to darken the photograph through Photoshop in order to lighten down the heavy glow. But I suppose It came out alright in the end overall.
Lastly the piece for the ending part of the blog post. Is from the back part of our backgarden, which has bamboo growing around their. Along with this photograph, my Mother had also given me an idea about how the light was reflecting off the leaves of the bamboo and the day I took photographs of the bamboo was a perfect day for that. With that statement, I do have more bamboo photo's but I considering on have a separate blog post for that later on.
Well everyone I once again do hope you are having a wonderful weekday and I'll see you till next time! Thank you so much for the support.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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