Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Forest Dream, Part two of two.

Hello everybody, I do hope your are doing all well today! This posting as of today is somewhat of a part two of one posting from a while ago I did, which the link is here. Since that post was very short and this one is just the same, I thought this new blog post would go as a part two for each other.

Starting right off, I've got three pieces of artwork to go with this blog post. One piece is new, while two other ones are older pieces that I haven't shown yet before. So I hope you enjoy!

---------Watercolor Artwork---------

Well the first piece here is the recent watercolor artwork I had finished. This piece inspiration all comes from what I found in Pinterest, the internet site is quite full of many inspirational photographs, artwork and everything that's aesthetic to anyone's sense. If you want or need to see the pin board for this piece "Lady Of The Garden" is what I'm going to call this watercolor artwork. The board will be right here. 
Alongside the piece above, I have two much older pieces of mine that I haven't shown yet anywhere on the internet. These pieces are realism practice paintings of birds in watercolor. The art topic article I followed along through to learn about this kind of method is this one How to paint a bird portrait. 

The artist Andrew Forkner is the one who wrote and did the artwork for this article and it shows how his wonderful Avian paintings come to life! If your interested in seeing more of his works I'll give you a link to his website, AndrewForkner's Website
Now with his works they were in Chromacolor Acrylics from what the article had demonstrated, however the pieces I've done I used watercolors instead. Also before I forget the species of bird I had done above is the Mountian Bluebird.
While along with that piece of artwork, this species is the Northern Cardinal. This piece however wasn't my favor over the other watercolor piece. I felt much happier with the Bluebird over this one sadly.

-------Nature Photography--------

Now you might be wondering if I have any photographs, well I do but not very many this time.

Additionally here's a close photograph of these beautiful flowers that grow outside our house in the front yard. These species are Nerium Oleander. These flowers are part of Dogbane Family and they maybe quite beautiful looking from the eyes indeed, however this plant is classed as highly toxic I'll warn you on that.
Moving on further, in this Forest Dream part two post. On the very same day as taking the photographs of the Cattle Egrets from part one, there was another little guest in the yard. Which who I'm referring too is are local wild White Tailed Rabbit. 
Lastly is also on the same day of the Rabbit spotting, but it was after when the sun was just going down. I actually really loved how the sun rays were beaming out of the clouds on that day so I felt this needed to be on the blog today.
Whelp I don't have anything else to say anymore for this blog post, but I hope you was still pleased and I hope you have a great day everyone. Thank you so much for the support and farewell till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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