Thursday, July 27, 2017

The Scenic of the Backgarden.

Hello Everyone I hope your doing quite well today and welcome back to the blog! This weeks photography blog post is dedicated to some older and newer pieces that were hidden with the folders in my laptop, that I completely forgot I had taken them.
I'm also properly going to make more of these types of shorter photography blog post just like this one as well, to keep this blog at a steady pace. I do also want to make the next few months till the end of this year, a time to practice with my photography and improve with my skills.  

Well let's now go further on with today's blog. So this piece right down below also is some type of wheat I suppose? I'm not really quite sure about the whole plant species but it's does look like a type of wheat to me. Also the time this was taken, the grass in the yard was just growing back out after being dormant for the winter. So that was the last time I saw this plant before we started to cut the grass back down again.
Next the photograph down below is from the same day of the wheat plant, which these flowers in this photo are The False Garlic as well. The contrast of the flowers and the white fence was quite nice in
the raw image, however I felt like changing up on my post processing in Photoshop. So with the background I pretty much turned it took almost complete pitch black. 
I did also do the same with this piece, by making the background darker as in addition to that as well. The piece following up, is from the same day after coming home from the sunflower fields back in June. Which you can find more about that at this post here.
Furthermore the one reason I quite loved this photograph the most is that when I took the shoot in black and white the whole details in Sunflower came out more and with a bit of post process, by darkening the background and lighting out the foreground I think it turned out pretty great!

Also there was a spider stow away from when we cut down some of the free sunflower that were their at that time. I'm not quite sure what species it is, but in the end I let him/her back out in the wild on our bushes in the backgarden.
Later on in recent time, I have two more photographs I want to show for the end of this post. 
Anyway, the photograph here is from a sunset a few days ago, that was outside in the front yard.
I had to darken the photograph through Photoshop in order to lighten down the heavy glow. But I suppose It came out alright in the end overall.
Lastly the piece for the ending part of the blog post. Is from the back part of our backgarden, which has bamboo growing around their. Along with this photograph, my Mother had also given me an idea about how the light was reflecting off the leaves of the bamboo and the day I took photographs of the bamboo was a perfect day for that. With that statement, I do have more bamboo photo's but I considering on have a separate blog post for that later on.
Well everyone I once again do hope you are having a wonderful weekday and I'll see you till next time! Thank you so much for the support.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

The Forest Dream, Part two of two.

Hello everybody, I do hope your are doing all well today! This posting as of today is somewhat of a part two of one posting from a while ago I did, which the link is here. Since that post was very short and this one is just the same, I thought this new blog post would go as a part two for each other.

Starting right off, I've got three pieces of artwork to go with this blog post. One piece is new, while two other ones are older pieces that I haven't shown yet before. So I hope you enjoy!

---------Watercolor Artwork---------

Well the first piece here is the recent watercolor artwork I had finished. This piece inspiration all comes from what I found in Pinterest, the internet site is quite full of many inspirational photographs, artwork and everything that's aesthetic to anyone's sense. If you want or need to see the pin board for this piece "Lady Of The Garden" is what I'm going to call this watercolor artwork. The board will be right here. 
Alongside the piece above, I have two much older pieces of mine that I haven't shown yet anywhere on the internet. These pieces are realism practice paintings of birds in watercolor. The art topic article I followed along through to learn about this kind of method is this one How to paint a bird portrait. 

The artist Andrew Forkner is the one who wrote and did the artwork for this article and it shows how his wonderful Avian paintings come to life! If your interested in seeing more of his works I'll give you a link to his website, AndrewForkner's Website
Now with his works they were in Chromacolor Acrylics from what the article had demonstrated, however the pieces I've done I used watercolors instead. Also before I forget the species of bird I had done above is the Mountian Bluebird.
While along with that piece of artwork, this species is the Northern Cardinal. This piece however wasn't my favor over the other watercolor piece. I felt much happier with the Bluebird over this one sadly.

-------Nature Photography--------

Now you might be wondering if I have any photographs, well I do but not very many this time.

Additionally here's a close photograph of these beautiful flowers that grow outside our house in the front yard. These species are Nerium Oleander. These flowers are part of Dogbane Family and they maybe quite beautiful looking from the eyes indeed, however this plant is classed as highly toxic I'll warn you on that.
Moving on further, in this Forest Dream part two post. On the very same day as taking the photographs of the Cattle Egrets from part one, there was another little guest in the yard. Which who I'm referring too is are local wild White Tailed Rabbit. 
Lastly is also on the same day of the Rabbit spotting, but it was after when the sun was just going down. I actually really loved how the sun rays were beaming out of the clouds on that day so I felt this needed to be on the blog today.
Whelp I don't have anything else to say anymore for this blog post, but I hope you was still pleased and I hope you have a great day everyone. Thank you so much for the support and farewell till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Winsor&Newton Cotman Watercolor Review.

Hello welcome back to the blog! Today the post is going to be the first art supply review for this blog. Well since the time I've got this set, which is the Winsor&Newton Cotman Pocket Plus 12 set. I felt like this needed to become a review out of this set being that as many artists, like myself. Usually would look for different kinds of supplies that other artists review or use in their projects.
 Additional from this "watercolor" paint set review. This month at the moment is the perfect time for this watercolor review as it is actually; World Watercolor Month. This is a July event that is to inspire artists (young and old) from all over the globe, to explore with the medium of watercolor. 

Furthermore the watercolor event was founded by Charlie O'Shields, who is the Creator of Doodlewash. On the site there are many amazing tips for how you can get involve with the World Watercolor Month. So If need anymore information please check out the site and go have some fun with the watercolor medium! ( Also just remember when you want to get involve use the hashtag #WorldWatercolorMonth with your pieces that post anywhere online.)

-----------------The Review------------------

Well starting off on the first part of the review; I want to discuss about the outside and inside of the palette case in general. Since this is going to be a major positive and negative area in the review post. So anyway let's get ready with the first part of the review shall we.
The case for first impression is really light weighted and small. Although this makes the set quite easy to carry around when traveling on trips or just hanging indoors when you got know where else to go. Along with that, it also has two palettes for each side, one locks on the bottom side and the other locks down in the top of the case. 
Additionally with the statement above, both palettes do come out at ease for when you want to clean them up after you've finished using them. The palettes also does have a quite good amount of spacing for mixing and laying paint down.
The case is also plastic which makes up why it's very light weight. But along with that, it also has a "blue rubber seal" on the top side and the bottom side of the case. However, this is where I want to talk about the negative part of this review.

The blue rubber seal on the palette case, prevents the whole set from laying properly down on the table. It will only lay down half open; like you can see in the photograph right below. While I still don't know whether this set is suppose to do this, I made a solution anyway to fix what would call an "issue".
So what I've done, is by releasing the rubber seal from both sides and removing it. This helps the whole case to properly lay down flat as it should do when it's a table palette and also when your done with the set you can put the rubber seal back on afterwards at anytime.
It did become somewhat of bother to do this for a while, but I'm getting use to doing this method when I'm using the watercolor set now. Also speaking of the watercolors; I want to now move on and discuss about the half pan paints.
These half pans consist of the 12 colors, which are Cadmium Pale Yellow Hue, Cadmium Yellow Hue, Viridian Hue, Sap Green, Cadmium Red Pale Hue, Alizarin Crimson Hue, Yellow Ochre, Burnt Sienna, Ultramarine, Cobalt Blue Hue, Burnt Umber and Chinese White.

But along with the watercolor half pans. The set also has a pocket sized no.5 Cotman Brush as well.
The watercolor half pans additionally, are held in a clasp box that can be removed from the palette case. It's great to have it set like this when it comes to changing out the half pans or just moving them around. However It isn't really that easy to pull the clasp box out of the case, I'll warn you on that one.
There also one other problem I want to inform everyone about the half pans and the clasp boxes. Firstly a few of the watercolor paints did fall out of their pans when I first opened them up. But that situation is a very quick adjustment; by just brushing water underneath the bottom of the watercolor paints.

Next; after about a week later from these photographs above. My mother and I both found that the half pans do slide quite a bit when their in the clasps boxes. So Mother in the end came up with this idea by cutting down a strip of foam down to even amount of smaller pieces so they can fit in the middle of each individual pan.
----------The Demonstration-----------
Well here we our at the demonstration part of this post. This part were now going to discuss is the basics of the watercolor paints and brushes.

So First off, I want to show a few exsample of what the Winsor&Newton Cotman Brushes that I have with me look like. which are going to be the Cotman Round Brush No.6 size, Cotman Round Brush  No.004 size and the Cotman Rigger Brush No.2 size.

Their sable hair brushes that are quite nice for what I see in them. There was only one hair fiber that wouldn't go back in place (in the Size No.6 Brush) when they were first washed to get rid of the sealant, but otherwise these brushes are worth investing in if you do want great quality brushes. 
Moving on here is a small watercolor color chart of the twelve colors from the set and also four extra tubes of Cotman paint,which are the Lamp Black, Permanent Rose, Cerulean Blue Hue and the Hooker's Green Dark. That are on the chart below.

This color chart if you want to know was done in my recent sketchbook and the brand is the Canson XL Mix Media Sketchbook. With these books they are my mane ones to use being that I use all types of mediums with my traditional artwork. But I also need to inform you that the paints do look different on mixed media then what it looks like in full watercolor pieces like this one right here

Moving along I want to show one demonstration last of what the paints look like in this sketchbook before ending off this review blog post. These two were the first pieces I did with the Winsor&Newton watercolor paints and I really love them for the colors and texture they gave with the paper. 

Close up of this bird statue with glass flowers.
Close up of this Rosy Pink Peony flower.
Well I hope the review was informative for everyone, I don't know if this was really great as it's my first time doing this but I hope it's alright enough.

Anyway farewell till next time and I hope you all are having a wonderful day!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017