Tuesday, June 27, 2017

The Forest Dream, Part One of Two.

Hello everyone welcome back to another new photography blog post. Today the photographs are all from my Canon Sx610 HS camera and there is also lot of nature photo's in this post If you want to know. So I do hope you enjoy and are having a lovely day today. So anyway lets get started then!

Well the first batch of photographs are very different than I've ever taken before. Being that I don't often have the chance to get close shots of birds, that is why I'm saying that. These two photographs are a Cattle Egret from our backgarden. 
This Cattle Egret definitely loved are home for some odd reason, It was strutting itself all over the place like it pretty much owned the place. The same Egret as well has been staying around our home for almost a week now, along with possibly a whole family of Cattle Egrets. 
 Also on the same day after the little bird visit in the morning. I felt like just taking an experiment photo my photography, additionally it was also around noon when I took this. the sun was just settling down, so in the background I had a nice settle with the yellow laying on the leaves.
Moving ahead, here is a photograph I took earlier last week. Which are these beautiful blooming Rosy Pink "Crape Myrtle's". As it is the right season now for them, there are Crape Myrtles everywhere.  (Also if you do look close at this piece, you might find a buzzing honey bee on the left corner! I don't know why but every time I take a photograph, It always has to have a little bug of some type in them.)
Along with the Rosy Pink Myrtles I also took some "White Myrtles", while waiting at a parking lot. Furthermore all of these photographs were still taken with my Canon Sx610 Camera, being that it has a pretty great zoom I quite love the results of each piece. 
I actually lately have preferred mixing between using the Nikon DSLR Camera and the Canon Camera with my photography. So I've been caring both around with me when I can get outside and when I'm indoors as well! 
Well I know this maybe a bit short, but I'm going to do something different. This blog post is going to have another part later on, since I still have quite a few more photographs to add up for the next posting.

But I hope you have enjoyed and thank you so much everyone for the support. Farewell till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017 

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