Thursday, June 8, 2017

Dusk Fairies of the Mushrooms.

Hello everyone I hope your doing wonderful today! Once again I have a brand new photography blog post for you all today, but it's also a different kind of a photography post. Because I've got some artwork to go with them. Additionally since most of the photographs in this post are mushrooms and forest life, I thought this post would work as a trilogy to my older post about fairytales and fairies.

So why not have fairies to go with the mushroom photographs, on the account that in fairytales. "Fairies" are usually portrayed to live among these small fungi and use them as shelter. 
Additionally, I'm considering on having the moth fairy species In my fantasy story, "Pandora Shadows". Which I'll probably talk about the story, later on. But for now lets get back to the overall  blog post. 

Well following up, I once again caught a little creature with the camera. Just like the last post, from a week ago, I didn't actually thing I did catch this spider in the shot, being that it was quite quick. Also you want to know what the species is it the Rabidosa rabida (Rabid wolf spider).
This spider can be confused by the Agelenopsis (Grass spiders). For the reason, because their markings are quite similar to each other.

Now we are finally at the part where I talk about the mushrooms, just like I had mentioned at the first paragraph. These mushrooms first off are the first time I ever have seen these types in our backgarden. I guess their spores came from the last storms we had and I mean "storms" for a reason, it's been raining non stop lately.

Moving on the first mushroom, from what I can find from my research is a possible type of Bolete Mushrooms. I cant really give you the right answer for this species of fungi.
 The next mushroom however is even more harder to find anything out about them. I'm not quite sure weather it's the same Bolete Mushrooms type, like above. Since I'm no expert of the range of Fungi, I really cant be accrete to what they are. I suppose they do look similar, likewise the shape and structure, but also some of the bright red mushrooms today has lost their color and they look just like this one right here.
Well I know I've already have taken photographs of Speedwells before, but I saw more of them on the same day I took, the mushroom photographs and to me the balance of the old stump out in the front yard and the flowers, had a really nice feel to them, from my eye's anyway.
Here's the last photographs everyone and it's not as quite special then the others, but it is a new species of flower I've not taken in any photos of mine before. So what I can find about this Flower is that it might be a Foxglove Beardtongue or Tall White Beardtongue. I'm still looking in too this kind of flower and I'll probably give an update later on if I know, if this species is a Foxglove Beardtongue.
Well I hope you all have enjoyed this blog post this week and also I am most likely am going to make more of these moth species fairy designs in the future for myself. Because they were really fun to do and I think I'm a bit weird but I actually think moths (especially the fuzzy ones) are absolutely adorable. 

Like the one that was on my finger that one time. (Which will probably be my next fairy design.)
Nevertheless I hope you all as I always say, I hope you have a bright wonderful day and thank you. Farewell till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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