Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Mystic Rabbit.

Hello everyone hope you are doing quite wonderful today and I've returned today with a new photography blog post! Also before we get started with this blog post, I want to say it took me forever to get this blog post finished. I worked on this post at the beginning of this month and it only started as this one photograph down below.
Well this is a really nice and special photograph of mine, not only that this had happened on my older brothers birthday on May 17. But also is the first time I've seen a wild Grey Rabbit in such a long time. Also there wasn't just one rabbit, there were a whole family of them. So that made it even more special.
Next following up in this month, the Dandelions have just turned up in the front yard. Which since it's been to wet to cut the grass that gave me the opportunity to take photographs of them all. As well, one of the dandelions had a little friend. This is a possible Grizzled Skipper Butterfly from what I could find out with the encyclopedia of species I found online. 
Also I've been practicing with Gradient Maps and Pin lighting in Photoshop with all of these photographs in this post. Also the use of the gradient maps, levels and pin lighting actually gave my Dandelion photographs this very mystic look to them.
The starting flowers of the Dandelions were also all over the front yard as well, however it was quite hard to get the camera to focuses on them. So the flower photo above kind of looks like it is flouting on its own without a stem. But it does have this cool feel to it, I guess?
Well we're at the end now and I saved the best for last. Here's finally a photograph of the Wild Canna Lilly or Indian Shot as a different name. These lilies after a long time of winter, have grown and bloomed to show their beautiful flowers. But also this is the first time taking a photograph of mine as a RAW image.

Anyway I'm getting in to a pickle about talking, so I hope your all doing great and Farewell everyone till next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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