Wednesday, May 10, 2017

The Forest Foliage.

Hello everyone hope you are all doing wonderful today and welcome back to my blog. This article is finally going to be a photography blog post this week and also it's another color theme, which is mostly green tones.  Well anyway lets get started now with the photographs. The first one are going to be a lake view of a small bayou, that we went by many times before but have never had the time to stop and drive down to the side of the lake in till that very day.
Furthermore these photographs are from about a few week ago, there were not from any new events of any kind. They have been sitting in the laptop for quite a bit now, mostly due to I've had this bad photographers block and I also wasn't really that happy with my works either. But I'm okay with my photography again, I just had sometime to get back in straight.
Well anyway I decided to pick the best photographs that I loved the most for this blog which are the bayou bridge view, looking past the trees and the cypress in the lake.
Now moving on, I brought back out some older photos which were taken really quite a while ago and that is these photographs of this decrepit train that is on display at another lake park. Additionally the photographs of the train was in the late winter so that will also give you a concept on when they were taken.
This train from what I can find is a possible old train of the Dardanelle and Russellville Railroad Company. Which had been in service since 1883 and the current time the trains are being used is for pulp board, food products and plastics. 
Now this is the end of the blog post and here's some photographs of the wild Grey Dogwood flowers before they all dried up and felled off the tree for the spring time. These photographs epically the first one are quite amazing in my opinion.
The depth and lighting turned out really great in these and also one of the photos of the Dogwood flowers had a bumble bee on them. Which is very cute as well.
Whelp I hope you all are doing great today and farewell everyone!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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