Thursday, May 4, 2017

The Crystal Mermaid.

Hello everyone hope you all are doing wonderful today and yes I haven't made a photography blog post in a few days. I'm in a photography block at the moment, so I'm going to give something new a art blog post! Since I've not done any Illustration blog in such a long time, It's nice to do one for once. Anyway here's a really special piece of mine, that's also has one of my favorite mythical creatures, Mermaids. 
plus it's Mermay on Instagram, so it goes well for the whole theme this month.
Also this piece was done with Sakura Koi Watercolor, Sakura white gel-pen, Mixed colored pencils and Generals white charcoal pencil.

Well this short but farewell everyone! Hope you enjoy and have a wonderful weekend!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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