Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Blue of the Forest.

Hello welcome to a new photography that's going to be photographs with the theme of Blue. Now the first two photographs are very special. The photos below are a blue egg shell of an baby Robin, that I found on the ground while I was out in the front lawn taking photographs of the wildflowers that were blooming out.  

Now I've also have made a information card to go with the box for the blue egg. I did it so I'll remember the day I found it, the basic information and where it was. It's also good to put it up here on the blog post for you to know about the egg a bit more.
Now following up with the story of this egg, at first I didn't think it was a real egg at first. I fought it was some left over Easter egg decorative that probably had washed up through the ditch by the house. But from looking closer myself and asking my mother about the egg, It was definitely real.
 I had luck on my shoulder to find this egg shell on the ground of the front yard, however I want to give a (disclaimer) to anyone who curious about finding any bird egg shells. Please do not take any of the egg shells out of the nest, it can become a danger to the natural state of the nests and the fledglings. It's better to not disturb the parents and their young, just for your curiosity of seeing the egg shells yourself. Let the parent birds take care of the shells on their own. Sometimes they'll flick the shells out or they would usually eat the shells for calcium.
Well moving on from the eggs, I have a photograph of a little guy that only comes around during the late spring and summer. The bird I'm recalling is the Indigo Bunting, a species of bird that only comes to our back garden once a year.
Well we are at the end of this blog post and the final last two photographs are going to be about flowers. These little blue flowers are Persian speedwell, there were tons of them out the in the front yard. (These are also the ones I was talking about earlier on this blog.)
I thought these blue flowers were really beautiful and since most of the photographs I taken lately have been with the pigment of blues, I felt these would go nice with the other photos.
Well hope you are doing well today and hope you have enjoyed this blog post.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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