Thursday, March 9, 2017

The Butterfly of Wild.

Hello everybody and welcome back to another photography blog. I'm going to keep this post short, but it's going to be about the new and the old! As it pretty much throw back Thursday today for everyone, I'm going to show some old photographs from my earliest compact camera and new photographs from the new compact camera.

Newest Photographs from this day now.
Even though I was feeling sick the day this photograph was taken I managed to take this very lucky photo shot of a Tiger Butterfly, swooping over top of the neighbors Azaleas.
As well on the very same day, when going out to check the mail, I noticed that the Honeysuckles were blooming out, so I went back with my camera to get some shots.
Following up I'm finding more wildflowers are growing in the backgarden once again and what the research I could find in these were that they are, Japanese Mazus - Mazus pumilus.

Oldest photographs from years ago.
Now were getting on to the older photographs and I've decided to pick three older photographs from years ago and so we are going to start off with this photograph of a Seagull flying past in the sky. Since I'm quite fond of the formation of the clouds and how I managed to get the bird without it being to blurry.
Next here's a photograph I took on a road trip, to Natchitoches LA a few years ago and If you want to know what kind of geese these are. They are Chinese Geese, who are coming up from the river dock by the city.
Now ending this all up, is a photograph of three different kinds of Donkeys from a farm we use to go by often when we went on the backroads.

So hope you all enjoyed this weeks blog post and I dear you Farewell.

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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