Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Spring time for Birds.

 Hello everyone and welcome to the special dedicated bird blog. Also this blog has a new piece of artwork that goes with each photograph in the post, as I've neglected doing anything related to my artwork lately.

Well starting off, here's a little Junco up on the fence line, who didn't expect to see me laying down on the grass as I was trying to stay quite for the Cedar Waxwings to arrive. Since this Junco was cute I felt the little guy needed to be shown in the post. 
  Now talking about Cedar Waxwings, I'm going to say this now that there were a whole bunch of these Waxwings.
  There was so many Cedar Waxwings, they consumed all of the Holly berries from our Holly Bush. To the point, our other species of birds are kind of upset about it. But I'll make sure the birds will have some bird seed in their feeders.
Even though they devoured all of the berries, I'm glad I took the opportunity on getting these great shots of them all. Since they left the next day.
  Well for a final set of photographs, I wanted to take on some practice with taking in photos to Photoshop and converting them to monochrome. more or less for me to see the contrast between the color version and the black and white version.
  This piece above is from a while ago and I believe the bird is a Double Crested Cormorant.
But I'm not to sure, as it was far away from the hill side where I was, So it's my best guess for now.
  Now here is a Turkey Vulture that flied by over top our house while I was taking the photos of the Cedar Waxwings.

  Along with that, this is a couple from the group of Cedar Waxwings.

Hope you enjoyed this post and see you again later!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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