Tuesday, March 28, 2017

On the Family Road Trip.

Hello everyone hope your doing well and good today, welcome to this new blog post and a new spring layout! As my favorite style is vintage and flowers I wanted to give my blog a more settle soft look for the season.

But anyway back to the topic of this post, a few days ago we went on a trip that was probably only was going to be a short one, but with my Father anything can happen. Instead of just a trip around one town we usually go to, we actually went further that day.

We went to Arcadia, LA.

Which before in the past we did go through this town once, but never did we stop by to get any photographs. As I wasn't that big in to doing photography at that time, I never took any photos back then. Yet that's all in the past now, I've grown up to enjoy photography and I hope to stop by more little towns to find more hidden treasures like these down below.

This here is an old caboose, next to the original Depot of Arcadia that was built in 1908 and was served for passengers and freights carts. But in the present time it's now a museum and community center for the local people.
Along side the caboose I finally have a new species of flowers to get close shot photographs and while if you know me by now, I really love taking photos of flowers. Especially ones I've not seen close up before. Now what I believe from my Mother's help and the research I found. They might be Yellow and White Dog Roses.
One Dog Rose on it's own.
If you look at the picture above you might see a cute little Lady Bug!
Bundle of Dog roses.

Well we slowly getting closer to the end of this blog post, yet I still have just a bit more to say before saying goodbye. Anyhow I wanted for the longest time, was to get an photograph of a building so I could take it in too grayscale, well I finally did it with this trip to Arcadia.
Now here's the final set of photographs I took on that day, it's a mural of people walking down the street that's beside the building wall. Giving this look that the almost have this realistic feel to them as it makes them look like their really there.

I however with my research sadly I could not find the original artist of this mural anywhere and it's just a mystery in my head at the moment. But it's still a beautiful painting and I'll keep research about this piece as much as possible.
A lady walking down the street in her good dress and hat.
A man picking up the newspaper from the Paper Boy.

Hope you all enjoyed this and see you next time!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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