Saturday, February 25, 2017

Bundles of Azaleas and Photography.

Hello again everyone, Like I've said before I hope your all doing swell today! I got some new Photographs I've been taking recently, They all have been from the backgarden. But that's alright because the backgarden is the best place to do photography, when it comes to finding inspiration, while you haven't got anywhere else to go.

Also I've set these photographs in parts so we'll be starting with the Azaleas set first.

The Azaleas Set.
Now starting right off, I'm really impressed on how I managed to get fascinating angles with my Azaleas photographs. As it's not really easy to get to them as there's a steep hill between the neighbors house and ours. However I used this steep hill as an advantage, to get the best shot that I could with my camera. 

As like with this photo above, I laid low and angled my lenses upwards to catch the top of the Azalea bush. Although with the one photo below this one, it was quite easy as the bush is pretty much growing out on our side of the fence.
Following the next day, it was a bit duller than the last two photographs before us and I felt this was a bit better for my liking. As there was no hefty sun luminosity beaming on the Azaleas.

The Bird Set.
While on the same dull day when I took the last set of azaleas, I had a welcoming guest of a Mockingbird. Who didn't catch me taking pictures of him, The silly bird. Mostly I never get a good shot of them, because their too quick for me, but at last I got one of them to stay still just for a few moments.

Along side that; I have a photo from about a week ago, of a red-headed Woodpecker by the feeder and I didn't even have to go out side, with my compact camera it was pretty easy to take this without disrupting him as my compact has a decent zoom lens on it to shoot photos out side of the kitchen window!

The Monochrome Set.
Following up, I wanted to practice on working with black and white. To see how much detail and depth is in the photographs I'm taking in. So with both of these pieces I do have the colored version of them, But I took both in to Photoshop afterwards to copy and convert them to Monochrome. 

This photo right here below also was my practice in working with the aperture from using the SLR Nikon camera, I mention before from an older post (Right here.).

Along with the Azalea photo, I worked on a photograph of a Robin. Who I presume was either surprised to see me or angry, as he kept looking back at me constantly while he was getting closer towards where I was sitting down.

The Rainbow Set.
Well this is the last set, I don't really have much else to say, but anyway here's the last Photographs I have for now and I would like to dictate this as the special set being it was the first I ever spotted a rainbow before or even taken a shot of yet.
I'm not kidding, I don't remember or believe I've seen any full rainbow before in my life and this rainbow is was almost a double rainbow. Being there were a dull ring beside the full rainbow which could been a full one if I knew it was out there earlier.

I hope you all enjoyed this Blog post this weekend and I hope you have a great day, Farewell!

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2017  

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  1. Absolutely gorgeous photos, sis! It's amazing how you managed to get these shots, you're pretty talented.