Sunday, December 4, 2016

The Forest Girl { Step by step }

The tools I had used in this piece, was my Winsor&Newton Brushmarkers, Sakura Koi Watercolor Set, Micron Pigma pens, Generals white charcoal pencil, Artist loft brushes and mixed watercolor tubes.   

Part 1
Firstly I start out by drawing the under-base of my piece, with a Prismacolor dark brown colored pencil, then I went ahead and taped down the watercolor paper down. The tape that I'm using was a cheap blue duck tape, which I really thought did a lot better than artist grade masking tape.

Part 2
Next I get started on the background. as I do the background I worked on lightly, only using a small amount of paint and more water.  Also the colors I had used were, Three colors from my Artist loft set; Dark Green,Violet,Ultramarine Blue and my Koi watercolors were, Permanent Green Deep, and Olive Green.
Part 3
As I go Further on I work on her hair, skin and eyes, with her skin I use Jaune Brilliant with a mix of Quinacridona Rose for blush. Then I went over with my Brushmarkers to add some details. After a while I finally did her hair and eyes, which are just a mix of Light Red and Burnt Umber. (I had also did some line work over top with my fineliners and highlights with my White Charcoal and white gel pen.)

Part 4
Once I did the clothing part, It was a bit of a challenge to choose colors. Pretty much I used Burnt umber with my Quinacridona Rose, and Violet Purple just to get that fall like theme to her outfit.

Part 5
Now I start on the bark of the trees (Light red with Burnt umber) and the bramble bushes (Deep Green), I had also worked on more detailing like with her hair, background and her outfit.

Part 6
Then I go ahead and finished the foreground, by painting the grass, bushes, the birds and mushrooms.

 Part 7
Finally I work on the leaves on tree tops, while also finishing the final details, like the shadows, lighting and the smaller details that I may have forgotten about like one of the birds. 

The final piece.
I finished this on October 13, 2016 and scanned/edited on November 26, 2016. Well I hoped you enjoyed my first step by step and I hope to make more like these in the Future.

Hope you all have a lovely day !

All photographs and artwork rightfully belongs to © LadyAnnaVintage 2016  

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